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What Happens After You Survive an Overdose?

distraught young man seated on floor leaning against large window with closed blinds wondering what happens after you survive an overdose

For those that survive an overdose, it should be the ultimate wake-up call for people struggling with addiction. Not everyone who overdoses on heroin, prescription painkillers, cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs lives through the experience. In many instances, an overdose experience is the result of a relapse. A relapse is not a failure, but it does signal that more treatment and support is needed. After detox, the body has rid itself of the addictive substance, and as a person progresses in their treatment and recovery, their body’s tolerance for the substance falls. Unfortunately, a relapse often sees an individual using the same amount of drugs or alcohol they used while at the height of their addiction, and the body cannot handle it—thus, triggering an overdose.

If you did, you have been given a second chance to alter your life’s path and make the changes necessary to live a drug-free life. The first step is reaching out for help and getting into treatment. Michael’s House offers a relapse prevention therapy program and can help you or a loved one reclaim your life after an overdose. Call 760.548.4032 to learn more or get started today.

As you think about your life going forward, these additional steps can help move you in the right direction.

Be Thankful You Survived

Waking up from a drug overdose, as painful as that experience can be, should be counted as one of the luckiest moments in your life. You have so much left to experience and do in this world – things you can contribute, things you can create, people you can love and support. Your life after overdose is a gift—a second chance.

If overdosing on drugs and/or alcohol was an accident, you will likely wake up with a wave of thankfulness that you survived the experience and a fresh hope for making changes in your life that will improve your future. Don’t waste that inspiration. Get on the phone right now and call to enroll yourself in a drug detox and addiction treatment program.

In many cases, you may have only survived the drug overdose because someone called emergency medical support on your behalf. If you have survived an overdose without any kind of treatment, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911 immediately.

Proper medical treatment at this stage can determine if you are in a stable condition and healthy enough to begin treatment. Once you’ve undergone a medical exam, the next step is to enroll yourself in a professional drug and alcohol detox like that offered by Michael’s House.

Get Treatment

Enrolling in a medically supervised detox and addiction treatment program or relapse prevention therapy program is critical. Psychological cravings for your drug of choice can be far more powerful than your desire to quit using drugs and alcohol. It’s essential that you have support for when your resolve weakens or you feel tempted to get high or drink again. It’s also important to get the ongoing medical care you need if you experience complications as withdrawal symptoms begin or are diagnosed with a co-occurring medical or psychological disorder.

Life After Overdose – Treatment at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we provide behavioral health treatment in Palm Springs, California, that offers the following:

  • Residential
  • Detox
  • Partial hospitalization program
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Sober living program
  • Aftercare program

Our admissions coordinators are available 24 hours a day to help you find the right treatment program for your unique situation. Call us now at 760.548.4032 or contact us online for more information.