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LGBTQ-Friendly Treatment Program

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

a woman is thankful for LGBTQ addiction treatmentThe cycle of addiction can trap anyone, regardless of age, race, or sexual orientation. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry, including behavioral health, has a history of discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community. Targeted LGBTQ addiction treatment is becoming more common but is still not as prevalent as it should be.

There are many reasons why LGBTQ-friendly drug rehab is important. First and foremost, it’s simply the right thing to do. Everyone deserves access to quality care, regardless of their sexuality or gender identity. But there are also practical reasons why LGBTQ-friendly rehab is necessary. Studies show that LGBTQ+ people often have unique needs when it comes to addiction treatment. They may need specialized care that meets their specific needs and respects their identity.

Michael’s House has provided compassionate treatment to those struggling with addiction and/or co-occurring mental health disorders for over thirty years. We provide LGBTQ-friendly addiction treatment in Palm Springs, California—a city well-known as a welcoming LGBTQ+ travel destination. Call 760.548.4032 for more information.

Is a Specialized LGBTQ-Friendly Addiction Treatment Program Really Necessary?

If you’ve ever faced discrimination or hostility because of your sexuality, you know that the answer to this question is “yes.” Gay-friendly drug rehab programs respect the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) communities. Instead of treating their LGBTQ+ clients like outsiders, these facilities offer a supportive and accepting space for recovery.

Research suggests that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals are at greater risk for substance use and mental health issues than the majority population that identifies as heterosexual.1

Substance abuse counselors at mainstream treatment centers may express homophobia in obvious or subtle ways, and treatment services often focus on the heterosexual community. Gay clients may feel isolated, ostracized, or simply left out of the healing process. At an inclusive addiction treatment rehab, the focus is on helping each individual succeed in recovery, regardless of sexual orientation.

In addition, research shows unique patterns of substance abuse for gay and bisexual men entering substance abuse treatment.2 While most rehab centers offer treatment plans tailored to the individual needs of the client, some individuals may need even more customized treatment.

Why Choose LGBTQ-Friendly Addiction Treatment?

Although it’s possible to receive treatment and achieve recovery at a conventional drug rehab center, there are many advantages to a program tailored to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community: 

An Atmosphere of Honesty

It’s easier to be honest about your addiction if you can be completely open about every aspect of your identity, including your sexuality. Hiding your sexual orientation takes a toll on your self-confidence. Honesty reinforces your self-respect and helps you feel proud of who you are. 

An Accepting, Judgment-Free Environment

For many years, homosexuality was viewed with a negative, critical eye. Some rehab centers still ostracize their gay clients or attempt to cure them of their sexual orientation. At a gay-friendly rehab center, you don’t have to fear the judgment of others. 

Counseling Services for Partners and Families

Traditional family therapy and marriage counseling do not always work for the gay community. Whether you’re single or with a partner, your counselor should understand how your sexual orientation influences your relationship.

Support from LGBTQ+ Peers

Traditional family therapy and marriage counseling do not always work for the gay community. Whether you’re single or with a partner, your counselor should understand how your sexual orientation influences your relationship.

Finding the Right Rehab: Michael's House

How can you tell if a rehab facility offers inclusive addiction treatment? Look for a drug rehab center that openly welcomes gay patients by offering services such as:

  • Group therapy sessions or 12-step meetings for LGBTQ+ patients
  • Intensive counseling that addresses your needs and risk factors
  • Treatment for co-existing mental health issues, like depression or bipolar disorder
  • Access to specialized aftercare services for the gay community

If you are ready to enter an inclusive addiction treatment program and live a life without addiction, look no further than Michael’s House.

Located in beautiful Southern California, Michael’s House is a gay-friendly rehab center that welcomes people of all sexual orientations. Whether you’re a native of California or coming to us from another state, we invite you to experience the diversity of our services and the compassionate attitudes of our staff. Call us at 760.548.4032 for more information about our evidence-based therapies and holistic approaches to rehabilitation.