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oxycontin detoxIf you are suffering from OxyContin addiction, your first step in treatment is an OxyContin detox. There are a number of things to know before you decide which type of OxyContin detox is right for you. Take a moment to learn the facts before you decide which OxyContin rehab and detox will best serve you.

It’s Not Easy

Come with no illusions. Choosing OxyContin detox at a medical facility is the best choice for you and will protect you in the event that you experience complications, but it is not a simple or overnight process. You will be prescribed medications to ease your symptoms at the very least but you will begin by experiencing those withdrawal symptoms. This does mean physical discomfort and, in most cases, some psychological issues as well, such as depression and OxyContin cravings.

Take heart: the difficult part does pass the rewards are more than worth the effort. A lifetime of freedom from OxyContin addiction makes your week to 10 days of physical discomfort seem like nothing comparatively.

You Have Choices

There are a number of different types of OxyContin detox. You can choose a “cold turkey” OxyContin detox in which you have no addictive medications. You may be prescribed non-addictive meds that treat the symptoms you feel (i.e., medications for headaches, muscle aches, nausea, et cetera).

Long-term OxyContin detox provides you with an opiate replacement medication like Suboxone. In this type of detox, you experience significantly less withdrawal symptoms and slowly drop the dosage of your medication over months or years until you are finally free of any medication at all.

No Such Thing as One-Size-Fits-All Treatment

No one type of OxyContin detox is right for everyone across the board. The type you choose should be based on an informed conversation with your doctor that takes into account the length of your addiction, the amount of OxyContin you take daily, and other underlying medical conditions.

Medication Alone Is Not Enough

Whether you choose a “cold turkey” OxyContin detox or a Suboxone detox, your OxyContin addiction treatment doesn’t end when detox is over or you are stabilized on your new medication. In order for OxyContin detox of any type to be effective, you must undergo OxyContin addiction treatment in the form of psychological therapy and other therapeutic options. This will vary from rehab to rehab and person to person but may include group sessions, personal therapy, alternative therapies, a specialized detox-focused diet, exercise and more.

You Must Follow Up with OxyContin Addiction Aftercare Services

When you successfully complete an OxyContin rehab that includes OxyContin detox and addiction treatment, you must follow up with aftercare services. Depending upon the treatments that resonated most for you during rehab, these may include a regimented sport or exercise plan, support group or 12 step meetings, personal therapy, nutritional counseling or dietary support, and alternative therapy in your community. Without a continued follow-up program, you risk relapse and a return to OxyContin addiction.

OxyContin Detox at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we offer everything from OxyContin detox to OxyContin addiction treatment and aftercare services that include sober living services.

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