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Women, Family and Recovery

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Historically in drug treatment and research, women are a frequently overlooked minority. This sad fact often results in inadequate treatment options for female patients and less understanding of the unique challenges that drug-addicted women face in modern society.


Women who take drugs are, according to surveys and research, have a higher chance of finding themselves expecting an unplanned child, which can lead to complications in both treatment and in the development of the unborn child. Any woman who is both pregnant and taking drugs faces potential problems in the mental and physical development of her child as well as physical problems for herself, and treatments for drug addiction can be harmful and even fatal to the woman and/or child. This issue makes the treatment of drug addiction in women who are pregnant a top priority.


Women who are going through drug treatment are much more likely to have custody of their children than are the fathers, which can make finding time for drug addiction treatment and child care services while they are getting help that much more difficult. Women who are afflicted by substance abuse problems often believe that treatment centers cannot help with child-rearing responsibilities, when in actuality, many of them offer services to help care for the children while the mother is undergoing treatment or assistance in finding help in this area.


Unfortunately, research and surveys have shown that women who need drug rehab tend to have a higher propensity for being in familial situations that are dysfunctional or for having spouses or partners who have drug problems of their own. They also tend to have family backgrounds of violence, drug abuse or alcohol abuse, which can contribute to their own addiction. If they are in a relationship with a person who is abusing alcohol or drugs, they may feel pressured to do it themselves, leading to an unhealthy living situation. And, if they seek out treatment, their partner or spouse may be unhappy with this, which for some women, can mean a dangerous living situation. While family pressure leads many men to seek treatment, many women stay away from treatment for the very same reason.

Women Drug Rehab

The core of Michael’s House’s treatment program is to help you to reacquaint you with yourself and learn how to stop drugs and alcohol from erasing the meaning from your life and hurting your family. To that end, therapists and physicians employ a broad range of established and new treatment options to help you reclaim your personal goals and dreams, as well as to awaken a positive and authentic relationship with life. Treatment here is holistic and complete, and helps patients not only break their addictions, but develop tools and methods of dealing with situations that may tempt them to return drugs later. Drug recovery is a hard process, but successful recovery means a healthy life freed from the prison of drug abuse and addiction.