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Gender-Specific Treatment for Women (Interview)

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Foundations Events partnered with Shane Ramer, owner and producer of That Sober Guy Radio, for the Innovations in Behavioral Healthcare 2016 conference. The podcast discusses alcoholism and addiction recovery, providing a platform for guests to speak their minds and share their stories in an honest, intimate format.

In this episode Shane Ramer of That Sober Guy Podcast interviews Dr. Mary Anne Roy of Crossroads. Dr. Roy is a licensed psychologist and certified clinical supervisor. She has a 15-year career in mental health and addiction treatment. Seven of those years have been spent specializing in gender-specific treatment at Crossroads. She now oversees outpatient and residential clinical practices at Crossroads’s four sites. Dr. Roy shares Ramer’s passion for opening up conversations about addiction. She works to overcome the barriers, judgments and fears that keep women in particular from accessing health.

Dr. Mary Anne Roy and Shane Ramer discuss the unique opportunities women have in recovery. Women’s treatment includes resources for mothers such as coordinated medical care during and after pregnancy. Programs offer childcare and therapy sessions that welcome infants and family. Gender-responsive treatment helps women find self-esteem and build healthy relationships with one another. Women are connected to appropriate community resources such as domestic violence advocates or classes on caring for substance-exposed infants. Dr. Roy stresses the importance and the rewards of women finding community and recovery through gender-responsive care.