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Overcoming Dependency

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

marijuana dependencyMarijuana addiction is one of the more difficult drug addictions to overcome. The drug is everywhere, it’s extremely social and few actually believe it is addictive, so it’s difficult to find the support you need to maintain abstinence. By learning to recognize the truth about marijuana addiction, finding the right marijuana rehab for you, and securing a support system for yourself, you, too, can overcome marijuana addiction.

Michael’s House offers a marijuana rehab program that can help you or someone you love overcome marijuana addiction. If you would like to learn more about our program, contact us today at 760.548.4032.

Where to Start

The first step to overcoming marijuana addiction is to recognize the issue for what it is and to take the severity of the problem seriously. So many view marijuana use and abuse has harmless, either experimental or no worse than alcohol, which is legal. Whether used illegally or legally with a medical marijuana card, marijuana can destroy your life. Hours are lost to being high, the psychological cravings for the drug can be out of control, and the money spent on the drug as well as the costs of stupid mistakes and bad behavior under the influence can devastate your finances.

Finding a Support System

Due to the fact that so few take the threat of marijuana addiction seriously, it is often difficult for those who are struggling with the problem to find a support network among friends and family. A support system of other recovering addicts, therapists, and drug addiction treatment specialists and medical providers can all give you the encouragement and guidance you need to remain clean and sober after treatment. The process of developing a long-lasting and stable support system begins when you enroll in a marijuana rehab.

marijuana rehab

Marijuana Rehab

An inpatient or residential marijuana rehab is recommended if you have tried to quit smoking marijuana on your own but have been unable to do so successfully. The round-the-clock support is essential to help you avoid relapse in those crucial first weeks of recovery. Giving yourself the space and permission to understand your marijuana addiction and learn the skills to remain abstinent after you return home could be the difference between successfully graduating and relapse. Making sure the take advantage of every aspect of marijuana rehab including detox if necessary, all the different therapeutic amenities, and aftercare services like sober living will help increase your chances of overcoming marijuana addiction successfully.

Marijuana Treatment at Michael's House

Michael's House offers marijuana addiction treatment and sober living services to those who graduate from our rehab programs. Through detox and an inpatient holistic approach to drug and alcohol addiction treatment, we can help you to overcome marijuana addiction and build a strong foundation in recovery. If you would like to learn more about overcoming marijuana addiction or if you would like to talk to a Michael's House counselor about your situation, contact our call center at 760.548.4032 today.