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Tips for Detoxification Success

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detoxification tips for successDetox is one of the biggest challenges facing individuals who are attempting to overcome marijuana addiction. Marijuana detox is a difficult, but necessary, process in which the individual stops using marijuana so that the toxins associated with the drug are given a chance to leave the body. Until this process is complete, the individual cannot continue on with counseling and other elements of drug rehab.

By following the tips below, individuals will have an advantage when it comes time to take part in marijuana detox. This information was obtained by asking for input from both addiction treatment professionals as well as those who have been through the detox process.

Tips for Marijuana Detox Success

Have a good attitude. Individuals who enter marijuana detox with the correct mindset and a real desire to enact change in their lives are the ones who get through the process on the first pass. By fighting the “system” and looking for shortcuts during treatment, the individual is selling short their chances of success.

Be prepared. When withdrawal symptoms occur during marijuana detox, it can throw many people for a loop. If they are not prepared for the kind of physical and emotional changes they will experience the process can be more stressful. Common withdrawal symptoms include: depression, anxiety, mood swings, loss of appetite, and a strong pull towards relapse.

Rely on the staff. The medical staff that oversees marijuana detox is there for a reason: to help individuals get through what can be a very difficult time. Individuals are encouraged to ask questions and get advice from the detox staff -especially when they are in the midst of withdrawal symptoms and feel as if they might leave the program or relapse.

Don’t get discouraged. Many people do not get through marijuana detox on their first try. While this can be discouraging, it is important to stay healthy and then attempt the process again as soon as possible. Some individuals do not successfully complete marijuana detox until their third or fourth attempt, but once they do, the feeling of accomplishment carries over into the remainder of their rehab process.

It is important to remember that marijuana detox does NOT represent a complete recovery from addiction. Detox is simply a part of the process, albeit a very important one. Some detox providers will claim that their procedure will “cure” their patients of their drug addiction. These claims are simply not genuine. In order to achieve recovery from marijuana addiction, the individual must also take part in those programs that address the psychological elements of the condition, such as counseling and aftercare.

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