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Your Career After Alcohol Rehab

young woman sitting on park bench smiling while working on a laptop and learning your career after alcohol rehab can be rewarding

Are you looking to rebuild your career after completing an alcohol rehab program? At first, it can feel challenging and overwhelming to think about starting over after rehab. But with the right mindset and support network, you can successfully transition into a career that will provide professional development and fulfillment.

Whether you are looking to return to your previous career or embark on a new path, many resources are available to help guide you in this next phase of your life. At Michael’s House, we understand many people’s difficulties when trying to re-enter the professional world after completing an alcohol rehab program. That’s why we offer career counseling and coaching services designed to help you find your passion and build a career that aligns with your values and interests. Contact us at 760.548.4032 to learn more about the resources for developing your career after rehab.

What Does It Take to Rebuild a Career After Rehab?

Assuming that you complete a drug rehab program, then what? How can you take what you gain through alcohol rehab to improve your professional standing and rebuild your career? While it’s certainly not easy to resurrect a new life from the abyss of addiction, completing alcohol rehab, staying sober, and showing new resolve could help your chances of opening doors of opportunity for the future you desire.

Some tough decisions and actions must be taken. You must squarely face your past mistakes, adjust your expectations, commit to working hard, be smart and responsible, maintain a positive attitude, and honestly assess your current situation. Doing these things will go a long way in preparing you to move forward, both personally and professionally, to a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

Following Rehab Sets Ground Rules and Expectations

Once you feel ready to return to the workplace after a sufficient period of rehab, having a back-to-work conference with crucial individuals in your life is a good practice. In most cases, this would include your supervisor, the employee assistance program (EAP) counselor, a staff member from your treatment program, other appropriate personnel from human resources, and your representative. This back-to-work conference can give perspective to what transpired during alcohol rehab, details concerning your treatment schedule, and any needed workplace changes, such as a travel schedule or closer supervision.

Life After Rehab Should Include Accountability and Support Activities

With your return to work, some type of aftercare, such as a 12-step program or other group meetings, therapy, EAP sessions, or any combination of these measures, should be implemented. You must adjust to life without alcohol and other addictive drugs. A whole new lifestyle is in the making. At the start, it will likely feel strange and awkward. New friendships may need to be formed, and old relationships mended. It takes time, hard work, and lots of practice to build healthy habits, establish daily routines, forge new, positive, drug-free relationships, and rebuild your career. With the right mindset and support network, you can successfully rebuild your career after completing an alcohol rehab program.

Discovering Professional Development After Rehab

After completing a rehab program, many people feel lost and uncertain of what to do next. They may have completed their treatment, but they still need to find a way to rebuild their lives and their careers. Fortunately, there are many professional development programs available that can help them get back on track. These programs offer support and guidance as they navigate the next phase of their lives. They can help with career:

  • Counseling and coaching
  • Planning
  • Development training
  • Assessments

With a suitable program, they can even start their own businesses. No matter what their goals are, professional development programs can help them achieve them. And best of all, they can do it while maintaining their sobriety.

Michael’s House Can Help with Moving Your Career Forward After Rehab

Your best career move after alcohol rehab may be researching degree or certificate options or giving a different slant to your resume. Keep your mind open, continue to network, and don’t stop trying. If you are diligent, you may surpass where you were before alcohol rehab. Over time, your new lifestyle can feel more natural, and you may be healthier and more positive about yourself, others, and your work.

If you find that you need more support during the process of getting acclimated to the work environment and life beyond the highly monitored alcohol rehab, we encourage you to contact us at Michael’s House for help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 760.548.4032 for resources and tools you could need to develop your career after rehab.