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What Are the Costs of Alcohol Detox?

man sits on a couch and talks to his therapist who is taking notes and explaining to him the costs of alcohol detox

When you or a loved one is ready to get help for addiction, an alcohol detox program is often the first step forward in your recovery. These programs offer an opportunity to help you get sober. When your mind clears, your body begins to heal. Then you will be prepared to participate in addiction treatment programs that allow you to continue your substance-free lifestyle.

Medically supervised detox is the most suitable first step, but you may be worried about whether you can afford the treatment you need to get better. These concerns are understandable, particularly for individuals and families. The good news is that there are many ways to help take care of any costs and help you move forward with care. Michael’s House can help you understand the costs of alcohol detox and your financial assistance options.

How Much Does Alcohol Detox Cost?

The costs of alcohol detox can vary greatly, depending primarily on the type of program and the level of care needed. Here are a few factors that can influence the overall cost:

  • Type of program – Residential programs requiring a patient to stay at the rehab center tend to be more expensive than outpatient programs where the patient can live at home during treatment.
  • Duration of treatment – Longer treatment periods will understandably result in higher costs.
  • Location of the detox center – Centers located in high-end areas or offering luxurious amenities will generally charge more.
  • Medical care and supervision level – Programs with extensive medical oversight and emergency readiness for severe withdrawal symptoms cost more due to the high level of professional involvement.

While costs can seem high, it is crucial to remember that investing in health and recovery can save money in the long term, avoiding future health complications and associated costs.

Discovering Your Insurance Options

Most health insurance plans today cover substance abuse treatment to some degree. The extent of coverage can vary widely, depending on your provider and plan. It is important to contact your insurance provider to understand what detox services are covered under your policy. Some plans may cover the total cost of detox, while others might cover a portion.

Furthermore, some plans might stipulate the type of treatment or length of the program. Alternatively, if you don’t have insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover enough, public and private organizations offer grants, scholarships, or loans for individuals seeking treatment.

In case your health insurance provider doesn’t cover the entire cost of detox, you or your family may have to pay the remaining amount. In some cases, that leftover amount due is quite small. Detoxification from alcohol is often accomplished in about a week. It is possible that some of the treatment is not considered a necessity by your insurance.

Researching all options is necessary to ensure you get the help you need without straining your finances.

Get Help Understanding Alcohol Detox’s Cost at Michael’s House

Most treatment programs provide payment plans for families to offer budget-friendly options for treatment. Some programs even have a sliding scale depending on income levels. In general, financial concerns should not keep people away from alcohol treatment. If an individual continues to use alcohol, health concerns grow. The longer a person abstains, the lower their risk of serious health complications.

At Michael’s House, we aim to make treatment accessible and affordable for all individuals seeking help. If you are concerned about finances and that’s been keeping you out of alcohol addiction treatment, please let us help. Contact us at 760.548.4032, and we can help determine the costs of alcohol detox and explore your insurance coverage options together.