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How Rohypnol Addiction Affects the Brain

Rohypnol is most commonly known as a date rape drug, but there are an increasing number of cases of Rohypnol addiction. The effects of Rohypnol addiction are severe, and users are recognizing the need for addiction rehab to live a drug-free life.

Rohypnol addiction has a strong effect on your brain and will cause adverse effects. If you are addicted to Rohypnol, you need to seek Rohypnol addiction treatment. Brain damage related to Rohypnol may be reversible if you overcome addiction as soon as possible.

Rohypnol’s Short-Term Effects on the Brain

Neon brainRohypnol affects the brain immediately, once it enters the body. Rohypnol is intended to be used as a sedative and can make you extremely drowsy, resulting in severe memory loss and impaired motor skills.

If you drive while on Rohypnol, you are much more likely to fall asleep at the wheel or cause an accident. Rohypnol is approximately ten times more potent than Valium, another drug that impairs your motor skills.

Rohypnol diminishes your ability to make logical decisions which can lead to participation in risky behaviors you normally wouldn’t consider.


Long-Term Effects of Rohypnol Addiction on the Brain

Rohypnol addiction causes long-term damage to your brain, but most of this damage can be repaired when you end addiction and get treatment. The impact Rohypnol has on your brain is most noticeable through withdrawal symptoms. As your brain becomes accustomed to the presence of Rohypnol, it begins to feel like it can’t function without the drug.

Withdrawal symptoms occur if doses are missed, and these may include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

Rohypnol addiction treatment will manage withdrawal symptoms, but it is up to you to avoid Rohypnol abuse for good.

Life Without Rohypnol Addiction

Rohypnol addiction is a problem you do not have to live with. We are standing by at our toll-free helpline at 760.548.4032. Call and we'll give you answers to any questions you have about Rohypnol addiction or treatment. We want to direct you to an effective Rohypnol addiction treatment center, so you can get better and start a new life without Rohypnol. When you call be sure to ask if your health insurance will pay for Rohypnol rehab. Call us now, because we are here to help 24 hours a day.