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How Long Does It Take to Become Addicted to Percocet?

A woman addicted to percocet is about to take another dose of the medication

Percocet addiction is a multifaceted condition. Like other opiate drugs, Percocet is highly addictive. All opiate addictions will only worsen the longer an individual goes without treatment. The path and intensity of opioid addiction are unique to the individual and vary depending on biological, behavioral, and social factors.

Michael’s House is a treatment center that offers a Percocet rehab program for Percocet addiction. At our center, we understand the complex nature of opioid dependence and work to provide individualized care that meets your unique needs.

We can help you navigate the stages of Percocet addiction. Contact us today at 760.548.4032 to learn more about our Percocet rehab program and how we can help if you or someone you care about is addicted to Percocet.

How Does Your Body Become Addicted to Percocet?

Because many physicians prescribe Percocet to alleviate pain, it can be an unsuspecting cause of addiction. Most patients are introduced to the drug with no intentions of misusing it as they seek pain relief.

Physical dependency begins anywhere from one to four weeks after the person takes regular doses of Percocet. While the intensity of the body’s dependency will vary from person to person, the basic concept remains the same, as prolonged use of Percocet conditions the body to rely on the drug to function.

A person with a Percocet addiction may have more significant cravings for the drug while building up a tolerance to its effects. This can lead to misuse of the quantity or dosing method—smoking, snorting, or injecting instead of oral indigestion—both significant characteristics of addiction.

Is Percocet Addiction Genetic?

Some people may be genetically predisposed to addiction. Addiction changes the way the brain is wired, but some people may be more susceptible to addiction than others, and this susceptibility can be inherited. Opioid painkillers are unique because anyone can become dependent on these drugs. Percocet addiction can impact people who have no personal or family history of addiction.

This drug does not discriminate and can affect anyone. Unfortunately, this only delays recognition of the problem before it evolves into a full-blown addiction. Addiction to Percocet is unhealthy, mentally constraining, and very expensive.

At Michael’s House, we offer comprehensive Percocet rehab programs that can equip patients with the tools and skills to overcome addiction. We can guide you through all stages of Percocet addiction through customized care and support and help set you on the path to recovery.

Stages of Percocet Addiction

Experiencing Percocet addiction is a painful, dangerous journey that can take a worrisome toll on one’s mental and physical health. Understanding the stages of this process can help anyone navigate toward a healthier lifestyle.

The stages of Percocet addiction include:

  1. Early use – This stage is characterized by experimentation with Percocet or other opioid drugs
  2. Regular use – In this stage, individuals often have difficulty controlling their drug use
  3. Dependence – An individual will experience uncomfortable or painful withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit using Percocet
  4. Addiction – This final stage is characterized by an intense craving and focus on the drug, along with compulsive behaviors and physical dependence

Understanding these stages of addiction can help anyone struggling with Percocet addiction understand the underlying causes of this condition and work towards a healthier future.

Learn How to Overcome Percocet Addiction at Michael’s House

There is hope for individuals addicted to Percocet. Michael’s House provides the sober, healthy environment and secure treatment individuals need to live a happy, healthy life. With our lifestyle-focused approach, we can design a custom recovery program to help you overcome Percocet addiction for good.

With the help of caring treatment providers at Michael’s House, you can finally break free from the grips of this dangerous drug and reclaim your life again. Life is too short to waste on addiction. Contact us at 760.548.4032 to better understand our Percocet addiction treatment programs and how we can help you or your loved one get the care they need.