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Drug Addiction is Selfish

The focus is often on how drug addiction hurts the addict, but the fact is, there are few acts more selfish than drug abuse and addiction.

Run-down urban areaThe impact on communities where the drugs are produced, the individuals coerced into trafficking the drugs across borders, the cost to the community where they are used and the family members who love the person living with addiction—all these costs add up in blood and torment as well as dollars and cents.

Here are just a few facts on the impact of drug addiction and abuse to others, according to the US Department of Justice National Drug Intelligence Center:[1]

  • The cost to society is estimated to add up to about $193 billion when the cost of lost productivity, crime and healthcare.
  • Drug-related crime costs society about $61 billion annually, including money spent on court costs, law enforcement and incarceration.
  • Healthcare costs caused by drug abuse and addiction add up to $11 billion annually between emergency services, inpatient drug treatment and drug use and prevention research.
  • More than $120 billion in lost productivity is caused by drug abuse and addiction each year.
  • Lost labor participation adds up to $49 billion annually.
  • Incarceration and related lost productivity costs about $48 billion each year.
  • Drug-related homicides add another $4 billion to the lost productivity cost.
  • The costs of running the criminal justice system to handle cases related to drug distribution and possession costs about $56 billion every year.
  • According to the National Drug Threat Survey (NDTS) 2010, crystal meth and crack cocaine are the drugs that primarily contribute to drug-related crime.[2]
  • Heroin was the drug that most contributed to property-related crime.
  • According to the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Program (ADAM II), 60 percent of those arrested tested positive for drug abuse.[3]
  • Health effects caused by drug abuse impact society including parental neglect of children, drunk or drugged driving, exposure to toxic chemicals due to drug labs, hospitalization and emergency room visits.
  • Non-homicide admissions to the ER cost about $161 million annually. Hospital admissions cost $5.5 billion.
  • More than 28,000 people die each year in car accidents—almost 4000 of those were caused by driving under the influence.
  • Law enforcement agents and children are the most common victims of medical problems caused by accident, explosion and exposure to toxic chemicals created by crystal meth labs.

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