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Crystal Meth Labs Danger In the Neighborhood

Once upon a time, crystal meth was cooked and created in remote rural locations, and the labs used to create the drug were often in trailer homes or cabins that were far distant from neighbors. This is not true anymore. Crystal meth has become more and more prevalent in urban areas and more populated regions, and at the same time, more and more crystal meth labs have moved slowly and steadily toward the customers. There has been a surge of crystal meth labs in suburban neighborhoods, in apartment buildings, in roaming recreational vehicles, and even in city centers – and that spells danger for everyone in the area.

Dangerous Chemicals + Crystal Meth Addiction = Dangerous Explosions

Suburban meth houseThose who cook crystal meth in crystal meth labs are usually under the influence of the drug– not just when they’re cooking, but all the time. This can mean some pretty shoddy decision making and potential negligence, which is an unsafe state in any situation but doubly so when volatile chemicals and heat are involved. Crystal meth is made up of common chemicals found in almost any household, but when combined, their chemical makeup is highly unstable. A little too much of one thing or heat too soon – any misstep whatsoever and the whole place can explode, hurting everyone inside and nearby. Further, because these drugs are so unstable, even the most careful and sober meth labs are still highly dangerous.

Fumes, Kids, and Other Dangers of Crystal Meth Labs

Abandoned toys in sandboxWhen cooked, the chemicals used to make crystal meth release heavy, toxic fumes. You don’t have to be inside the house where the crystal meth is being made to breathe those fumes; they often infect the air outside of the home as well as the air inside adjoining buildings, including nearby apartments and other homes. Kids who are playing outside can inhale the fumes and become ill, and these toxins can also leach into the ground or into the water supply depending upon how they are stored or disposed.

Reporting Crystal Meth Labs in Your Neighborhood

It can be difficult to know if a neighbor is cooking meth. You may notice strange smells and fumes, lots of people coming and going, or lots of activity for days on end and at all hours. If you believe that your neighbors are cooking crystal meth in their homes, police are more than willing to help you. The dangers are simply too risky to ignore. In the meantime, keep children and teens as far from the house as possible and try to avoid breathing the fumes as much as possible.