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5 Ways to Tell if Someone Is Using Marijuana

a woman wearing a jacket sits in the middle of a road on a foggy day wondering about the signs of using marijuana

Marijuana use is a sensitive subject with strong health and legal implications. Using marijuana can have negative effects on a person’s physical and mental health, as well as lead to addiction. Michael’s House offers a marijuana rehab center that works with helping people who are struggling with using marijuana or have become addicted.

At Michael’s House, our medical professionals are dedicated to providing the best possible care and comprehensive treatment for individuals facing the challenges associated with using marijuana. To learn more about our rehab center, call us today at 760.548.4032.

5 Signs of Marijuana Use

There are five signs to look out for to identify if someone you know is using marijuana. Those can include:

1. Loss of Focus During a Conversation

An individual who is using marijuana finds it difficult to hold a normal conversation. The individual will lack the ability to stay focused on the topic of conversation. They may drift into other, unrelated subject matters.

2. Lack of Energy and Loss of Motivation

Individuals using marijuana have a distinct lack of motivation. Look for a loss of interest in activities that were once a significant part of the individual’s life. Also, the person may sleep excessively until late in the day. Bad sleep habits are another common sign of marijuana use.

3. Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Look for materials such as bongs, rolling papers, roach clips, pipes, or other items used to smoke or store marijuana.

4. Legal or Financial Problems

Drug users may have a constant need for money and have legal problems. Both are warning signs of marijuana use as the individual spends most of his money to finance his drug habit. Legal troubles are another warning sign as the individual transport the substance from place to place.

5. Paranoia

Watch for behavior that includes suspicious thoughts and feelings that “everyone is out to get me.”

Signs of Marijuana Addiction

If you suspect someone is using marijuana, the next step is to look for signs of addiction. Look for behaviors such as:

  • Isolating behaviors – The individual may start to withdraw from family and friends, spending more time alone.
  • Loss of appetite – Marijuana use can lead to a decrease in appetite which will display itself in the person’s physical appearance.
  • Changes in mood or behavior – Unpredictable or rapid changes in the person’s mood or behavior should be a warning sign.
  • Increase in tolerance – The individual will require higher doses of marijuana to achieve the same desired effect.
  • Unsuccessful attempts at quitting – If your loved one has attempted to stop marijuana use but has been unsuccessful, it could be an indication of addiction.

If you think someone you know has a marijuana addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Michael’s House. Our team of professionals can help recognize the signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction and create a customized treatment plan for your loved one.

Contact Michael’s House to Get Help from Our Rehab Center

If someone in your life exhibits any of these behaviors, you must provide help and support. Encouraging your loved one to acknowledge their problem is a way to support them. Then speak with one of our caring team members at Michael’s House. Our marijuana rehab center has the resources and medical professionals to help your loved one get back on track.

Our programs at Michael’s House treat the entire individual, helping change behaviors so that a person no longer feels that they need marijuana in their life. When they leave treatment, they will have the skills to live a substance-free life. To learn more about our marijuana rehab center, call us at 760.548.4032 or contact us through our online form.