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What Are the Risks of an Overdose?

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The nervous system has a number of tips and tricks that could prove vital when something life-threatening is taking place. People forced to breathe smoky air might feel an urge to cough, for example, while those who are placed in very cool rooms might be compelled to shiver. These sorts of reflexes can keep people safe in the face of some very serious problems, but sometimes, the body is placed in situations in which the reflexes are just insufficient. People who take in too much Xanax (alprazolam) might place their bodies in situations like this.

Understanding Xanax Overdose

ValiumAn overdose is technically described as a dose of drugs that is excessive and puts the person’s health in danger. Xanax has the ability to spark an overdose, as this drug can slow down breathing rates. When delays take hold between breaths, the entire nervous system can slow down. Body temperatures drop, heart rates slow and consciousness fades away.

This sort of syndrome can take hold in someone who takes a dose of Xanax that’s larger than the dose the person is typically accustomed to. This sort of syndrome can take hold in someone who takes a dose of Xanax that’s larger than the dose the person is typically accustomed to. The signal is just too big for the body to handle, and the person experiences a medical crisis as a result. Often, people like this land in the hospital, and very serious medical interventions might be required in order to restore these people to health. For example, in a study in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, researchers found that of 38 people who took large doses of Xanax and no other substance, two needed to spend time in the hospital, and one needed machine assistance in order to breathe. None of these people died, the researchers point out, but they certainly needed intense medical help.

Combining Xanax with Other Substances

While people can overdose on a pure load of Xanax, some people add in other substances in order to:

  • Prolong a high
  • Reduce feelings of tension brought about by other drugs
  • Intensify sensation
  • Experience something new

This can be a particularly dangerous plan, as people who mix Xanax with other drugs can experience an overdose that moves from the dangerous to the life-threatening. These additional drugs can augment the sedation Xanax can cause, or they can add in other symptoms someone who just takes Xanax might never experience. Sometimes, people like this don’t live to discuss their overdose problems. According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, overdose deaths attributed to alprazolam jumped by 233.8 percent in Florida between 2003 and 2009, and it’s likely that drug mixing was responsible for many of these deaths.

People who mix drugs like this seem to have complicated addictions that just can’t be healed, but in reality, a treatment program can make a big difference. The help we offer at Michael’s House, for example, could be vital for people who are addicted Xanax and other substances. We can provide medication management, therapeutic support and more, all with the goal of getting the person you love into a life of sobriety. Please call us, and we’ll tell you more about it.