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Is Your Spouse Abusing Xanax?

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Xanax tabletsIs your spouse addicted to Xanax? That can be a difficult question to answer, especially if your husband or wife currently has a valid prescription for panic attacks or a chronic anxiety disorder. There are a few tell-tale signs to look out for, signs that your spouse may be unable to brush off as “just being tired” or “just having a bad day.”

Signs of Xanax Misuse or Xanax Addiction

We have listed a few signs that your loved one may be abusing Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, or another benzodiazepine drug below. If some of these signs look familiar, or if you believe that your spouse is addicted to Xanax, contact us at Michael’s House to learn more about our Xanax rehab program.

Michael’s House offers individualized treatment for dependence on Xanax or other benzodiazepine drugs. We can help your spouse fight through Xanax addiction and get back on track.

1. Your Spouse Lies About Use of the Drug

Lying about drug abuse and use generally means that your spouse is ashamed of how much he is using. Perhaps your life partner knows that the amount is unreasonable or unhealthy and that admitting to a high-dose or frequent dosing schedule will likely cause an argument with you. Those who are addicted to Xanax usually start by taking their prescribed dose a little sooner than recommended or adding a pill or half a pill to their prescribed dosage. They may also crush their pills before swallowing them, or crush the pill and snort it. These are all signs of a problem and may signify Xanax addiction in your spouse.

2. Your Spouse Lies to Doctors About Pain or Need for More Pills

Another common sign of Xanax addiction occurs when your spouse lies about her Xanax use to doctors as well as to you. Your partner may claim to have lost a prescription and ask the doctor for a refill much earlier than needed. She may also claim to have been hurt and go to the emergency room in an attempt to get more drugs.

Another common ploy of those who live with Xanax addiction is to try to find a second doctor to give them a duplicate Xanax prescription, citing the same symptoms being treated by his first doctor. All of these practices mean that your spouse is taking more than their prescribed dose of Xanax on a regular basis.

3. Your Spouse Impacts or Hurts the Family in Service of an Ongoing Addiction

When your spouse makes choices that prioritize his or her addiction over the family, it’s a sign of Xanax addiction. This can manifest when she skips out on family events or misses important moments in your children’s lives because she is too high to drive or to remember where to go and what time to show up. It may also mean that your spouse takes too much money from the family budget or pulls from savings designated for retirement, college, and vacations in order to fund his Xanax use.

Help Your Spouse Fight Xanax Addiction at Michael’s House

If your partner is addicted to Xanax, we can help you and your family here at Michael’s House. Call 760.548.4032 now to learn more about our Xanax rehab here in Southern California.

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