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How to Stage an Intervention

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Staging a Xanax addiction intervention is theoretically a simple process. You gather those who care about your loved one, talk to them about their Xanax and ask them to get the Xanax rehab help they need to get better. Easy, right?

The problem with an intervention of any kind is that there is no guarantee that your loved one will accept the help you’re offering. Those who plan an intervention for the first time should focus on increasing the likelihood their loved one will choose to go to drug addiction treatment when the event is over.

These steps will help guide you toward a successful Xanax addiction intervention:

Do You Need Help?

Woman comforting daughterIf you know that you are too emotionally invested in the outcome of the intervention to remain objective throughout the event, the best choice is to hire a professional interventionist. A professional interventionist will come to your home and help you with every aspect of planning and running the Xanax addiction intervention. They’ll answer your questions and prepare other participants for what to expect and help them phrase their concerns. They’ll even escort your loved one to treatment should he agree to go to Xanax rehab. For many families, this is the best and most effective way to keep past disagreements and personality conflicts from overshadowing the goal of helping your loved heal after Xanax addiction.

Aim for a Sober Opportunity

Even the best planning can be subverted if your loved one is clearly high on pills when you confront her about addiction issues. It’s important that you and the rest of the intervention team be prepared to wait until the addicted family member has sobered up so she is coherent enough to understand what you’re saying. If they are over the age of 18 and no one holds a Power of Attorney over their medical care, they will need to voluntarily choose to attend Xanax rehab with a clear head. Any decisions made while under the influence will not sustain them into treatment.

Avoid Judgment

It’s understandable that friends and family members have been hurt by their loved one’s Xanax addiction. Emotions run high. Feelings over some of the issues that resulted from poor choices made under the influence burst to the surface during an intervention. As much as possible, avoid passing judgment on your addicted loved one. Make it clear that the disease of Xanax addiction is to blame for past problems. Communicate honestly that the best way to move forward is for them to get the Xanax rehab help they need to stop using the drug safely and efficiently.

It’s important to remember that drug addiction is a brain disease because drugs change the structure of the brain and how it works.1 Keep doing all that you can to help your loved one. The key focus of an intervention is to get your loved one into treatment right after the intervention.2

For information on what not to do in an intervention, go here.

Addiction Treatment at Michael’s House

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