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California Addiction Treatment

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One of the most commonly abused drugs in California is the anti-anxiety medication known as Xanax.1 Xanax is a highly addictive drug that can result in the need for drug rehab. In recent years, California has seen a dramatic rise in the number of prescription drug addiction cases treated by rehab facilities and emergency rooms around the state. Border pharmacies in Mexico and illicit pharmacies on the Internet are just two of the reasons why government officials report the jump has occurred.

What Happens during Xanax Addiction Treatment?

Xanax addiction is a psychological and physical addiction that requires a comprehensive drug rehab program that treats co-occurring conditions.2 Although programs throughout California and the rest of the country have different methodologies and treatment styles, there are three core elements that can be found at almost all of them: detox, counseling and aftercare.

  • Detox. Xanax detox plays an important role in overcoming prescription drug addiction. During detox, the individual stops taking the drug in question and gives his or her body a chance to detoxify. Drug detox represents the end of a person’s physical addiction to Xanax and means that they can then move forward with counseling.
  • Counseling. Individual and group counseling represent the core of a Xanax addiction treatment program. During these sessions, an individual is given a chance to talk openly and honestly about the addiction, with the stated goal of learning why they use the drug, how to make better decisions and live a healthier life moving forward.
  • Aftercare. Aftercare programs help ease the individual back into the flow of everyday life following treatment for Xanax addiction. Aftercare programs such as 12-step groups and follow up counseling provide accountability and support when the individual is faced with daily challenges such as stress, temptation and distractions.

Where can California Xanax Addiction Treatment be Found?

There are qualified California drug rehab programs dealing with Xanax addiction across the state.3 The biggest concentration of outpatient drug rehab facilities can be found in major urban centers such as:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Sacramento

It is worth noting that more and more outpatient facilities are popping up in smaller towns throughout California. The rise in prescription drug addiction has led to more access to drug rehabilitation centers for those who live in outlying areas around the state. Residential Xanax addiction treatment centers tend to be located in more out-of-the-way locations. Malibu, Palm Springs, Big Sur and other scenic California locales are ideal choices for residential drug rehabilitation because they offer a place to focus solely on recovery, away from the temptations and distractions of life.

Finding Help for Xanax Addiction

California is known for progressive drug treatment programs, and whether an individual chooses Los Angeles residential rehab or San Francisco outpatient rehab, he can be sure to receive the most forward-thinking and advancement addiction therapy available in the country.

Michael’s House is a California addicted treatment facility located in Palm Springs, California. The caring staff at this highly-regarded drug rehab center provides a whole- body approach to Xanax addiction that enriches the mind, body and spirit of the individual. For more information, contact Michael’s House today at 760.548.4032.


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