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With Vicodin addiction on the rise among every segment of the population, including teens and the elderly, Vicodin rehab programs are more important than ever. The following information provides a proper introduction to drug rehab centers and what to expect when entering Vicodin addiction treatment.

Helping a Loved One Get Help

Many individuals who become addicted to Vicodin are unwilling to admit they have a problem. This creates a serious problem in that it further isolates the individual, pushing them deeper into the cycle of addiction. To help the addicted individual better understand their condition, family and friends will often hold an intervention. A drug intervention is a meeting where loved ones explain to the individual the truth about their addiction. Everything should be kept non-confrontational, but the end result should be getting that individual into treatment immediately following the meeting.

Different Types of Treatment

There are two primary types of Vicodin addiction treatment programs: residential and outpatient. Both provide outstanding care and the core elements of drug detox, counseling and aftercare. However, the way that these facilities provide this treatment is quite different.

  • Residential Vicodin addiction treatment. Residential drug rehab programs are those in which the individual moves into the facility full-time, and receives round-the-clock care from the qualified professionals that are onsite at the center. Residential Vicodin rehab is the best choice for those individuals who need to leave their home environment in order to focus solely on their recovery.
  • Outpatient Vicodin addiction treatment. Outpatient addiction treatment centers have the individual attending counseling and other programs during the day, but then returning home to their families in the evening. Outpatient drug rehab is ideal for those individuals who have a Vicodin addiction but must maintain family responsibilities during treatment.

The Benefits of Vicodin Rehab

There are countless benefits to Vicodin rehab for both the recovering addict and his or her family. Chief among the benefits are:

  • Better physical health. Vicodin takes a serious toll on the physical health of the individual. Long-term consequences of Vicodin addiction include liver damage, heart problems and other serious internal issues.
  • Better emotional well-being. Vicodin addiction dominates the life of the individual. Everything that the addict used to find rewarding or pleasurable is pushed aside in the name of the drug. Depression, anxiety, and shame are all hallmark signs and symptoms of Vicodin addiction.
  • A clearer head. Vicodin fogs the mind and keeps individuals from thinking clearly. Vicodin rehab helps the individual find clarity and focus in a life that has been thrown off track by Vicodin.
  • A better way to cope with stress. Much of Vicodin rehab counseling is spent identify and treating the “triggers” that bring about Vicodin use. By providing a more productive way to cope with stress and life struggles, Vicodin rehab programs are giving people the tools they will use to stay clean for the rest of their lives.

Continued Support

No matter which style of Vicodin detox help you choose, it is important that you not stop treatment once you feel better physically and have stopped taking Vicodin. The psychological aspects of addiction are what define the disease and without follow up addiction counseling and therapeutic treatment, you will be ill-equipped to fight off relapse when you return home. If you opt for a Vicodin rehab that includes both Vicodin detox help and Vicodin addiction treatment, then you are getting everything you need for a comprehensive, well-rounded treatment experience.

Don’t Wait to Get the Help You Need

Painkiller addiction is a medical disease. In the immediate short-term, a Vicodin addiction can keep you from following through on your commitments, showing up on time for work and being actively present with your family and friends. Physically, it represses your breathing and, if you take too much, you can overdose and slip into a coma or die. In the long-term, narcotic use can cause your liver and kidneys to malfunction and create permanent damage to your respiratory system. Years of chronic use of drugs like Vicodin can effectively destroy your career and your relationships. Any one of these makes Vicodin detox necessary.

Why is Treatment so Important?

vicodin addiction treatment at michael's house

Vicodin is a highly addictive drug that can wreak havoc on an individual’s heath, as well as their personal life. Individuals who develop a Vicodin addiction will put the drug before everything else in their lives, going so far as to lie to doctors or even steal in order to support their habit. Vicodin addiction helps individuals address the root causes of their addiction, and teaches them how to more effectively cope with the environment “triggers” and stressors that lead to the behavior. Armed with these new tools, the individual can begin to live a healthier life and break the cycle of addiction forever.

Michael’s House helps Vicodin addicts regain control of their lives. From this residential addiction treatment facility in Palm Springs, California men and women receive care from some of the finest professionals in the industry. If you or someone you love is suffering from a Vicodin addiction, contact Michael’s House today at 760.548.4032.

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