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Vicodin: Natural Detox

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

Natural Vicodin detox is one of the most popular detox options available due to its simplicity. Because so many come to Vicodin addiction through a legitimate doctor’s prescription, they often have doubts about taking any more medication meant to treat them medically. Fearing further medical problems or complications, many opt for a natural Vicodin detox that doesn’t include copious amounts of medication.

At Michael’s House, we can provide you with a medically supervised natural Vicodin detox to ensure your physical safety as you break free from Vicodin addiction. Contact us today to learn more about our program here in Palm Springs, California.

The Philosophy

Eye closeup sweaty faceThe philosophy underlying natural Vicodin detox is simple: why put more drugs in your system when you’re trying to flush out a toxic drug like Vicodin? A full toxin flush is believed to be the best way to not only get all of the Vicodin out of your system but other toxins that have built up in the body during addiction as well.

We are all better off and function better physically and mentally when our body doesn’t have to deal with a build-up of toxins. This is why those who aren’t addicted to anything often choose to undergo a detox from time to time. When you are dealing with addiction, it is even more important to do a total toxin detox and, if you continue with an inpatient Vicodin addiction treatment, you can continue to detox throughout the entire program.

How It Works

A natural Vicodin detox is not easy despite its simplicity. There are significant withdrawal symptoms that occur when you stop taking Vicodin “cold turkey.”

You may experience some or all of the following Vicodin withdrawal symptoms when your body goes into detox:

  • Profuse sweating
  • Headaches
  • Bone and muscle pain
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Intense fatigue
  • Insomnia

These are neither pleasant nor short-lived. They can last, in varying intensities, for a week or more. To help fight them off and assist your body in getting rid of its toxins, you rest as much as possible, undergo bodywork and massage with alternative therapies like acupuncture and acupressure, drink lots of water and get rest.

Throughout the entire process, you are monitored medically to make sure that there are no physical complications due to underlying disorders.

NOTE: It is not recommended that you attempt this or any other detox off of opiate prescription painkillers like Vicodin without the supervision of medical professionals. In extreme cases and especially when you are also suffering from other medical conditions and do not have the support of a medical professional, Vicodin withdrawal symptoms can also include seizures, heart failure, coma, and death.

Is It Right for Me?

This is a personal decision and depends upon your philosophy toward addiction and treatment. For some, natural Vicodin detox is the preferred method of treatment. For others, a medical detox is preferable. It depends entirely upon what you and your doctor decide together. If you would like assistance determining which type of Vicodin detox is best for you, talk to your primary care physician or therapist, or talk to one of our counselors here at Michael’s House.

Detox at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we can help you decide whether or not you would like to try a natural detox and further assist you in understanding what to expect. Contact us today at 760.548.4032 to learn more about Vicodin addiction treatment, detox, and our holistic Vicodin rehab options.