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5 Addiction Symptoms

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Signs of Vicodin addiction are not difficult to understand. It’s mostly a matter of paying attention to the evidence and behavior of your loved one. When your loved one struggles with a drug problem, serious health problems such as injury or a drug overdose are possible. If you see these symptoms in your loved one or are experiencing them in your life, the likely cause is addiction — whether to Vicodin, an all-too-commonly abused prescription drug or some drug of choice.

Vicodin1. “Nodding Out” Regularly

This is generally the first sign that your loved one is using an opiate regularly and addicted to the drug. The first few times this behavior happens, the addict will most likely snap irritably that they are “just tired.” When it happens repeatedly, even in the middle of conversations or when the person is trying to focus, then the issue is likely opioid use and addiction.

2. Obsession with Vicodin

The individual likely has an obsession with Vicodin and is obsessed with getting more, maintaining a steady supply, the timing, and amount of doses. Most likely, he takes the drug compulsively when stressed.

3. Extreme Physical Side Effects

When an individual takes Vicodin, he will likely experience some side effects when you first start taking the drug. Normally, these side effects should level out as his body adjusts to the dosage and should not persist. For someone who is addicted to the drug, he often takes more than they are prescribed. As a result, he experiences side effects that are more intense and last longer. Some of these side effects may include: paranoia and anxiety or incoherent sedation, severe mood swings, nodding out or passing out, nausea and vomiting, and the inability to focus on a conversation or task.

4. Procuring Vicodin Fraudulently

Inevitably, the longer someone abuses Vicodin, the more the body develops a tolerance for the drug. The user begins to need more and more of the drug in order to feel the euphoric effects. Most doctors won’t simply increase your dose because you ask, so those who abuse the drug are forced to procure more painkillers fraudulently, either through “doctor shopping” to get duplicate prescriptions or writing fake prescriptions themselves. This is a big red flag that Vicodin addiction is a very serious issue.

5. Extreme Personal Loss

Everyone has relationship problems or experiences money issues from time to time. If an individual is addicted to Vicodin, he will often have financial difficulties, interpersonal issues, and a hard time keeping up with appointments. Vicodin or his drug of choice is the culprit. It takes over your life and wrecks everything in it.

If you’re living with Vicodin addiction, addiction treatment at a certified facility like Michael’s House is the best way to move forward and rebuild your life. Statistics show that over 23.5 million people need drug treatment but only 2.6 million receive treatment at a specialty facility.1 And yet nearly 44,000 people die from drug overdoses each year.2

Don’t become another statistic. There is help available right now.

Please get the help you need right now. Call Michael’s House at 760.548.4032. We provide a holistic Vicodin rehab program in southern California that gives you the best treatment available to help you move forward.


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