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Men’s Rehab Program

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two individuals discussing a men's rehab programLike women, men face various obstacles and challenges during the substance recovery process. Some of these difficulties are common to everyone, regardless of gender. However, as a man, you also face challenges less likely to impact the typical woman in recovery. In fact, gender-based needs can significantly impact effective treatment plans. For this reason, you may gain the greatest benefits in addiction treatment programs designed with men in mind.

Looking for a men’s rehab program that maximizes the benefits of gender-specific treatment? Turn to the specialists at Michael’s House. We feature a customized program that combines all-around excellence with a male-specific focus. That’s part of our commitment to providing you with the most effective recovery solutions for your unique situation.

Men’s Gender-Specific Addiction Risks

A variety of factors help explain the need for gender-specific men’s rehab. One such factor is the way in which men typically use alcohol and drugs. The average man will use most substances more frequently than a woman. He will also use that substance in heavier amounts. In addition, men tend to: 

  • Binge on alcohol more often than women 
  • Treat alcohol use as a rite of initiation into adulthood 
  • Use drinking as a way to bond with gender peers 

 Given these facts, it’s unsurprising that men are more likely to be affected by addiction than women. The same holds true for men’s exposure to severe and non-addicted substance abuse.  

The Assessment Process at a Men’s Rehab Center

When you enter rehab, you go through an assessment process that helps determine your recovery needs. This process is essentially the same for both men and women. However, when assessing men, recovery specialists must consider certain gender-specific tendencies. These tendencies include:

  • Downplaying the impact of substance use on your health and well-being
  • Feeling hesitant or reluctant about seeking treatment
  • Having a sense of shame or guilt regarding your need for substance treatment

Such factors may not receive the attention they deserve in a co-ed program. However, in a men’s rehab program, the assessment process will fully consider them.

The Gender-Specific Focus of a Men’s Rehab Program

Men often drink or use drugs for different reasons than women. And once addiction is present, it can alter your feelings, thoughts, and behavior in gender-specific ways. A key benefit of men’s rehab is a keen understanding of these kinds of differences. Throughout your recovery, your treatment team will focus on those areas of most significant concern to men.  

Creating a Safe Space for Vulnerability in Men’s Addiction Rehab

Men in rehab often find it difficult to express themselves openly. That’s understandable, given society’s pressure on men to be strong at all times. However, vulnerability is often an essential element of treatment success. Not only does it allow you to express things you might typically hide. It also gives your treatment team vital information they can use to support your recovery. Men’s addiction rehab provides you with a safe space to be vulnerable. Doing so makes it easier for you to engage in the treatment process fully.

Our For a Customized Men’s Rehab Program, Turn to Michael's House

Need a men’s treatment program customized for your unique recovery requirements? You’ll find it at Michael’s House. We specialize in gender-specific treatment for men. We also specialize in personalized care that focuses on you as an individual. The result of this combined approach is often an increased chance of reaching your crucial treatment milestones.

Have more questions about our approach to effective men’s recovery? Call us today at 760.548.4032 or complete our brief online message form. We’re here for you ever step of recovery and as you navigate sobriety.