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Exclusive Drug Rehab

Providing Trusted, Evidence-Based
Treatment for Three Decades and Counting

If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

Exclusive drug rehabilitation centers are designed to pair top-of-the-line addiction care with personalized amenities that can make a stay more comfortable, and much more pleasant.

While these programs do provide addiction care, and the techniques they use have been validated by scientific research, the surroundings could be considered restful and luxurious. For some people, these programs could provide just the sort of incentive that could keep them involved with treatment, and on the road to addiction recovery.

Economics and Addictions

It’s a fact that an addiction can strike anyone at any time. This is a disease that truly doesn’t discriminate. However, addictions can be strengthened and/or weakened based on factors in the person’s life.

In order to truly understand a person’s addiction issue, and come up with a treatment program that can help that person to recover, counselors often delve into the private corners of a person’s life, such as a person’s:

  • Income level
  • Education level
  • Employment status
  • Living situation

These aspects all have a significant role to play in the development of an addiction. As researchers writing in the journal Public Health Reports put it, “Social and economic factors shape risk behavior and the health of drug users. They affect health indirectly by shaping individual drug-use behavior; they affect health directly by affecting the availability of resources, access to social welfare systems, marginalization, and compliance with medication.” Addiction treatment programs attempt to account for this fact by providing clients with care that encompasses their social issues, as well as their medical issues. However, the care that people at one end of the social spectrum needs might be quite different than the care that people at the other end need.

In public addiction programs, clients might need assistance with finding housing that is affordable and far removed from drug-laden communities. In private programs, however, many clients already have lovely homes in well-tended neighborhoods. They simply don’t need this level of care. Instead, they need care that’s tailored for their needs. This is what an exclusive drug rehab program is designed to do.

The Exclusive Model

In an exclusive drug rehab program, clients are provided with a level of privacy that might be uncommon in a public program. These facilities might keep enrollment low, allowing clients to live with only one roommate, or perhaps live alone. The grounds are wide and beautifully landscaped, allowing clients the space to take walks and remove themselves from the community for just a short period of time. The staff-to-client ratio is also low, allowing clients to spend individual time with their therapists. This personalized attention might help some clients to feel more welcomed and cared for.

Exclusive programs might also provide amenities that clients have become accustomed to in their own communities, including:

  • Yoga
  • Gourmet meals
  • Professionally decorated spaces
  • Golf
  • Maid service

It’s important to remember, however, that the care these programs provide is real. Exclusive drug rehab centers aren’t resorts in which people with addictions are allowed to rest and relax while keeping their addictions intact. Instead, these are real, therapeutic healing spaces in which an addiction is identified and treated. People are still expected to meet with counselors, participate in group therapy sessions, attend support group meetings and take medications, as needed. The backbone of addiction care remains the same.

The Importance of Exclusive Care

Addiction treatment programs are often provided on a voluntary basis. Those who are uncomfortable with the care they are receiving, or those who simply think they’ll be able to handle their care alone without the help of others, can just walk out of their treatment programs as soon as they’d like to do so.

According to a study published in the journal Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, high motivation to get well is one of the few factors involved in the success of any addiction treatment program. Those who are highly motivated are likely to stay enrolled in their treatment programs for 60 days or more. Therapists can use techniques to improve motivation, including encouraging the person to think about how their addictions cause them to miss opportunities in life, but sometimes surroundings can help people to stay motivated. People who are accustomed to living in beautiful homes where they are cared for and respected are likely to feel motivated to stay enrolled in their treatment programs if they feel the same sense of care and luxury in their treatment programs. It will seem familiar, and therefore they’ll be more likely to stay engaged.

Similarly, addiction treatment programs often encourage people to share stories with one another and lean on one another for help. Support group meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous play an important role in the healing process, as people can come together and share their stories and support one another as they heal. In a study about dropout rates from 12-step groups like this, published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment researchers suggest that the risk of dropping out can be alleviated if meetings take place in a supportive environment. It’s possible that people who have the same economic backgrounds, and the same types of expectations, will be able to support one another more effectively and create a more understanding environment, when compared to support groups that contain people from very different backgrounds. In an exclusive care program, this type of homogenous group might be easier to find.

Making the Choice

Exclusive drug rehab programs can differ from one another in ways large and small. In fact, the only two things two exclusive programs have in common is the word “exclusive.” By looking at photographs, talking to counselors and reading through brochures, however, the differences between programs can become clear and people can make an informed choice about the place they’ll obtain care. We’re happy to share information about our program with you. Our operators can outline the amenities we offer in our exclusive drug treatment program at Michael’s House, and we can provide you with photographs and online tours of our facility.

Please contact us today to find out more and start the enrollment process.