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Payment Methods to Consider for Sober Living

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Man using calculatorPaying for sober living, like paying for drug and alcohol rehab, may mean a little creative budgeting and a lot of diligent effort. For those who have spent a great deal of time living with addiction and already spent quite a bit of money on drug detox and rehab treatment, sober living costs may be more difficult to cover.1

Here are some possibilities to consider in seeking the funds to pay for residence in a sober living house.

Paying with Insurance

While everything having to do with health insurance is becoming a rapidly moving target in recent years, most full-coverage health insurance plans have covered at least some drug addiction treatment costs – be it sober living residence or other program. However, such care is generally not covered if the doctor does not classify the expense as medically necessary. The exception to this might be a very high-end policy.

Certain add-on insurance policies are available as well. These will cover the costs of extended care and treatment for drug addiction. For answers to any questions about what exactly is covered,an insurance agent or a human resources representative at the workplace could be contacted for more details.2

Paying With Other Available Resources

By the time most people get to the point that they are ready to pay for sober living, they’ve already spent everything they have on their addiction, medical costs, legal fees, and drug and alcohol rehab. It’s really difficult to find creative sources of income to funnel into paying a sober living bill.

Here are a few options you might consider:

  • Borrowing from friends and family members.
  • Tapping into any personal savings accounts.
  • Selling off personal property and other assets.
  • Getting a personal, medical or hardship loan.4

What About Federal Grants?

In answer to that question, the Federal Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT) points to the Resident Run Housing Program. It is authorized by Title XIX. Section 1925 of the PHS Act specifically addresses this issue.

It stipulates that the “…costs of the housing, including fees for rent and utilities,will be paid by the residents of the housing.” CSAT’s communication stated, “Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant funds cannot be expended for drug-free supportive housing.”5

Michael’s House: Rehab, Sober Living and Beyond

With thousands of unlicensed sober living homes set up where addicts live as families, insurance companies and other sources of possible aid are naturally cautious about particulars in each case.

Located in Palm Springs, California, Michael’s House can provide you with extensive drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment services.

And those who successfully complete an addiction treatment program would do well to find a sober living situation. Michael’s House has referral relationships. We might be able to assist you in arranging residence in a quality sober living house. In this way, we try to help our patients continue their recovery.

Call Michael’s House today to find out how we can help you or a loved one get admitted to our comprehensive inpatient treatment program or our intensive outpatient program. Then we can discuss a sober living facility that fits your unique needs and suits your personal preferences.


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