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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you’ve heard of sober living homes, you probably have some questions. Consider the following questions and see if you have more when you are done.

Can You Get Kicked Out For Not Paying Your Rent Once?

Yes, in many cases the rules are pretty firm about that.

If there are unusual circumstances, a person may get a break or some help. Sober living homes generally run by the same rules as the real world. When you miss a payment or get unruly with the neighbors, there’s a price to pay.

Also, your actions don’t just affect you. If you don’t keep up with rent or shrug off your home responsibilities, it compromises the message presented by the sober living home. The guidelines provide learning opportunities and keep everyone on the same footing. Lax expectations could threaten the safety and sobriety of everyone living in the home.

How Much Does A Home Cost?

That all depends on its location.

Many are in residential areas, making an effort to blend into a private living environment as much as possible. Rent is most likely comparable with the property values of the neighborhood. Also, it depends on whether the home is modestly equipped and furnished or if it provides luxurious amenities.

Each person is expected to pay for their own costs through employment. Some sober living homes will accept full-time students, possibly receiving income from family members or a school loan.

What Are Some Typical Rules?

Some sober living homes are coed, but many are for just one gender.

Unless the homes are closely monitored, it’s much easier to limit potential sexual or romantic situations by making them gender-specific. All sober living homes are going to ban drugs and alcohol. Many closely scrutinize medicine and personal care items that could contain addictive drugs or alcohol. Things like cold medicine or mouthwash are often not allowed because they contain banned substances. Although it may seem extreme, many addicts will go to incredible lengths to get a fix of some kind of drug.

How Long Does Someone Stay?

When someone receives sober living help, the timeframe can vary greatly.

Some residents have probation officers and legal requirements to follow, others have nothing but their own personal needs to consider.

Most people stay just a handful of months, using the sober living home as a stepping stone between rehab and independent living. However, some may stay longer depending on their circumstances. As long as they are doing well in the home and keeping up with the requirements, many homes have no limits on someone’s length of stay.

Do Sober Livings Have People With Criminal Backgrounds?

Some homes do have people on probation or in the midst of legal trouble.

However, many residents voluntarily admit themselves after finishing drug treatment. Many alcoholics and drug addicts have no criminal record at all. They are seeking a good place to be while they get the details of their sober lifestyle figured out. Most homes won’t accept anyone with a history of dangerous or abusive behaviors.

Sober Living Help – Getting Answers

These are just a few of the many questions people commonly have about sober living homes. Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and ask for more information at 760.548.4032.

If you or a loved one need sober living, help is always nearby.