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What Can You Expect at Luxury Sober Living?

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Michael's House PoolAcross the country, more and more alcohol and drug rehab facilities are offering those struggling with addiction[1] a chance to conquer addiction while surrounded by luxury accommodations and five-star amenities. Picking up on this trend, many sober living homes are also becoming more luxury minded. These high-end sober living homes are more expensive than standard facilities, but they offer the individual a higher level of comfort in a variety of ways.

Common Benefits

A luxury sober living home is likely to have all the comforts of home. Most are decorated with comfortable furniture and feature recreation areas with top-of-the-line electronics and equipment. Both public and private spaces are typically designed with beauty and comfort in mind, making the homes seem elegant and comfortable. Clients can bring their own possessions, of course, but the rooms they’ll spend time in are likely to be lovely.

In addition to stunning surroundings, a deluxe sober living home might also provide access to holistic programs, such as:[2]

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Physical fitness
  • Art therapy

Some programs hold these classes on site, while others link with community providers. Sometimes, they can provide people in recovery with a real boost. Studies show that some types of meditation can help people to get in touch with their inner feelings and resolve them without leaning on drugs at all. For some people, this is the boost they need to stay sober, and its inclusion in a sober home might be vital.

Gourmet mealSober homes also tend to provide clients with tasty and nutritious food. Some sober living homes will have meals brought in or prepared by a chef on site, while others may ask the residents to prepare the meals as a means of rebuilding their sense of responsibility. The ingredients are typically of the highest quality when the home is catering to the luxury market.

Participants in these homes might also expect to spend time in support group meetings that follow the 12-Step model. Some homes hold these meetings in communal areas, but others might ask clients to go to meetings in the community and provide proof of their attendance. Attendance in 12-Step meetings is closely associated with recovery, and mandating participation is just one way a sober home helps clients to learn.

Omissions from Sober Living Homes

Some people enter into a high-end sober living home thinking the staff will be waiting on them hand and foot and tending to their every need. It sounds relaxing and wonderful, but coddling like this can do more harm than good.

One of the primary purposes of sober living involves building personal responsibility. In sober living facilities, everyone shares chores and responsibilities to simulate what that person will need to do when returning to the home or work environment.

Luxury sober living homes have more amenities, but the core value system should be the same across all facilities.

Luxury sober living homes might also be located in places far away from the client’s home. It’s not uncommon for people to travel in order to find a treatment program that is just right for them. Living in a different community for a time can provide patients with a different viewpoint, and that might help them to heal. For more information on how sober living can augment recovery, or if you need to take the first step toward sobriety and recovery, contact us at Michael’s House today.


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