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Sober friendsMany people think that once you finish drug rehab, the only place you can go is straight home. Fortunately for some, that is not the case. Sober living is a terrific transitional living arrangement for people needing something more structured than their home life but less intense than rehab.

It can provide opportunities for independent living and more freedoms, but it also keeps a person away from the typical distractions and temptations of living at home. The benefits of sober living are so valuable for a person in recovery. Take a closer look at this remarkable service.

General Benefits Of Sober Living Homes

Here’s how a sober living home works. Residents pay rent and utilities, much like they would with a private residence. They also share responsibility for taking care of the property, making meals, and maintaining a socially decent living environment. Of course, since this is not complete independent living, residents need to adhere to some basic rules.

No drugs or alcohol is allowed, and medications with addictive properties are also typically banned. Also, many homes strongly discourage (or prohibit) romantic relationships between residents. Guests are also generally limited, keeping the home a safe place with limited distractions. Many homes have fairly strict policies about following the rules and keeping up with responsibilities. If someone seems to have too much trouble staying on track, they are not allowed to stay any longer. This keeps the environment and expectations as consistent as possible.

Benefits After Drug Rehab

A sober living home can be the ideal transition arrangement after someone has finished a drug rehab program. It allows them to adjust to everything they have learned while still having some familiar aspects of a sober environment. Not everyone is ready to go from rehab straight home, and doing so might put some people’s sobriety in jeopardy. The benefits of sober living allow a person to get a sense of what a real sober lifestyle is like outside the walls of rehab. Real life responsibilities, accountability, social norms, and cooperation are all there with sober living. For someone just getting out of rehab, the benefits of sober living are invaluable.

Benefits During Outpatient Drug Treatment

While most people familiar with sober living homes might think of them as a post-rehab choice, they can be an excellent option for someone going through outpatient drug treatment. First, the sober living environment keeps distractions to a minimum -allowing for fewer chances to get caught up in the struggles at home or get lazy about going to treatment.

Second, everyone is either going to treatment or going to meetings. It’s much easier to keep up with that obligation and stay in that frame of mind. Finally, the sober social environment will help reinforce what is being learned in treatment. Social conversation with fellow residents takes the information to a deeper level of understanding.

More About Sober Living Programs

Going from drug addiction to sobriety is a huge lifestyle change. Even though it is an extra step in the process, the benefits of sober living usually far outweigh any adjustment.

It’s certainly worth considering if you or a loved one need to get and stay sober.