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The Benefits of Luxury Sober Living

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Luxury sober living homes are growing in popularity around the United States. Much of the demand for space in these facilities is being driven by individuals who spent time at a luxury residential drug rehab center, and want continued access to the types of amenities they experienced while in treatment there.

What are the Benefits of Luxury Sober Living?

Michael's House PoolAlthough the cost of luxury sober living may be prohibitive to some, there are some undeniable benefits to this high level of care, including:

The cuisine. Luxury sober living homes offer their residents the finest, healthiest cuisine available. Many will either staff a full-time chef, and others will have meals catered to the facilities every day. Either way, the meal plans are designed to help individuals get healthy and discover ideas for their new eating regimens.

The amenities. Comfort is an essential part of luxury sober living. As such, these residences are stocked with comfy furniture, high-definition televisions and other top-of-the-line home accents. The idea is to create a comfortable living space where the individual can better ease back into the real world following rehab.

The location. Sober living homes can be found anywhere, in any community around the United States. But luxury sober living is generally located in nice neighborhoods with quiet streets and gorgeous vistas.

The staff. Every luxury sober living home is overseen by a staff of professionals whose job it is to make sure that the residents needs are met and that everyone is able to live in a safe environment.

The aftercare. Luxury sober living homes are well-connected into the aftercare community. That means residents have greater access to follow-up counseling programs and other means of maintaining sobriety. Sober living home coordinators may even arrange for meetings on site on transportation to groups and meetings.

What’s NOT Different About Luxury Sober Living?

There are some essential elements of sober living that are the same no matter how many amenities the facility offers. In particular, every sober living facility is an exercise in shared responsibility and accountability. Individuals who live there are all expected to follow a strict set of rules regarding guests, chores and of course substance abuse (immediate grounds for expulsion). The goal of every sober living home is to help recovering addicts re-learn the responsibilities that they abandoned in the name of alcohol or drug addiction.

Sober living is a transitional step between rehab and life. Just because a facility offers four-star amenities to its residents does not mean that important lessons aren’t being learned and new habits are being born.

In addition to their world-renowned alcohol and drug rehab programs, Michael’s House also offers luxury sober living as part of their treatment program. Located in the heart of the desert city of Palm Springs, California, Michael’s House is a place to regain one’s footing while making the transition back into the real world.