The Cost of Rohypnol Addiction vs. the Cost of Rehab

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Rohypnol (also sold under the generic name flunitrazepam) is a strong benzodiazepine, depressant drug. This drug is infamous for its use and involvement in abductions, sex crimes, and other assaults. It is not legal to distribute, sell, or own this drug in the United States because of the Drug Induced Rape Prevention and Punishment Act of 1996.1

Before it became illegal, Rohypnol was used as a sedative, a muscle relaxant, and an anticonvulsant. Rohypnol carries a high risk for addiction. The use of Rohypnol will sometimes result in paradoxical (unusual) effects, and issues like insomnia or anxiety may return full-force after a short cessation.

You may have heard of this drug under one of its many street names:

  • Roofies
  • Ruffies
  • Forget-Me
  • La Rocha
  • Pingus
  • R2
  • Wolfies
  • Rophies

Believe it or not, people do use this drug recreationally. It is illegal to possess, and the effects of this drug can be wildly unpredictable, leading to dangerous situations, amnesia, and addiction, yet this drug continues to be abused world-wide. People do become addicted to this drug, and may also abuse Rohypnol with other substances, such as alcohol, cocaine, marijuana, and even heroin. Using this drug carries serious dangers, and combining this drug with other substances can be lethal.

The Cost of Rohypnol Addiction

A dose of Rohypnol generally costs between $2 and $5 but can go up to $20 or $30. In the beginning, addiction may not look that expensive, and it may not have much of an effect on your bank account. However, as you take more of the drug in order to feed your developing addiction, you will need to increase the number of tablets that you buy. Having a drug addiction can quickly drain your finances, and, impact your job and school performance. In extreme cases, addicted people resort to stealing from their family and friends to keep up with their suddenly costly habit.

However, the price of Rohypnol addiction is not just financial. Many people begin to use other drugs on top of Rohypnol, or combine this drug with alcohol. One false move can lead to deadly consequences.

Every part of an addicted person’s life is affected by their drug of choice. Their family, friends, job, health and emotions are all subject to the effects of Rohypnol.


The Cost of Rohypnol Rehabilitation

Alignright Size Medium Wp Image 21056The cost of residential (overnight) rehab tends to average at $36,000 for a 90-day program, but before you let the price tag scare you, understand that insurance may help greatly with these costs. Factor in the fact that many programs include detox services, overnight care, and meals. Some programs offer scholarships, payment plans, and other ways to help ease this cost.

Outpatient rehab is another option. Outpatient rehab allows a person to return home (or go to work) while attending treatment. Outpatient treatment is best offered as a follow-up to residential rehab, but some people forgo a longer residential program and enter outpatient treatment instead. Programs like the one at Michael’s House offer a full, comprehensive evaluation before treatment begins. This evaluation allows the treatment team and the individual to collaborate on what level of treatment makes the best sense. Combining residential and outpatient treatment, or adding in sober-living options may create a more accessible financial plan.

Prices vary at different rehabilitation centers depending on the length of the time of stay and what treatments are offered, and insurance may cover most or all of the cost. But more than that—comprehensive treatment does much more than just help you cleanse your body of Rohypnol.

Addiction rehab helps you fight physical and psychological addiction, it sets you up for success and it helps you resist having a relapse. Comprehensive treatment, such as the care found at Michael’s House, offers treatment for both the addiction and the underlying causes behind the addiction. This type of treatment program explores the real costs and causes of substance use in order to get to the root of the problem and build a future for continued success.

A rehab center can give you a new lease on life. The monetary cost should not be your top priority. Financial debts can be paid back, and rehab centers equip you to do just that. Rehab is also a one-time cost, whereas untreated addiction will continue to cost you increasing amounts of money, time, relationships, health, and happiness over time.

Money can be repaid, but the years you waste on an addiction cannot.

Why You Should Quit Rohypnol

Mother comforting daughterIf you are struggling with addiction, you will go on to seek more Rohypnol (or similar substances) in order to continue feeling the calming effects of the drug. When you are not taking Rohypnol, it is possible that you will spend the rest of your time either suffering from the beginnings of withdrawal or merely craving more of the drug. Time that could have been spent meaningfully with family and friends is wasted on preoccupation with a pill.

People who suffer from an addiction may feel shame because of their destructive habit. They may feel embarrassment over being so dependent on a drug and the fact that they have let it take over their life. If an addicted person chooses to go into recovery, they will begin the process of freeing themselves from these feelings of shame as they shed their addiction.

Recover from Rohypnol Addiction

An addiction is a tough thing to fight, but it can be done. The price of a drug addiction is always much more than expected, and rehabilitation is always the less costly choice. Call our toll-free number, 760.548.4032, which is available 24 hours a day, and we can help you begin your recovery. All it takes is one step toward freedom to begin your healing!

By Kathryn Millán, LPC/MHSP, Contributing Writer


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