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How to Fight Addiction

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Ritalin addiction can start in a number of different ways, and can bring with it a number of health, social and financial problems. Those who are living with an active addiction to the drug can fight the issue with a Ritalin rehab program that addresses withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings. It’s not a simple process, nor is it a quick one, but fighting Ritalin addiction starts with dedication to the process of recovery.

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Ritalin Addiction Withdrawal Symptoms

ritalin addictionMany patients who come to a Ritalin addiction treatment program are nervous about the withdrawal symptoms that usually accompany Ritalin detox. The symptoms can be uncomfortable and include exhaustion, extreme hunger, depression, cravings for Ritalin, an inability to focus and an inability to sleep despite intense fatigue.

The withdrawal symptoms can last as long as a week or more depending upon health conditions and other circumstances, and many who go through the process without medical supervision have a harder time and end up relapsing. With treatment, however, many addicted to Ritalin find that the withdrawal symptoms are easier to bear with the support of medical help and psychological assistance.

Ritalin Addiction Psychological Cravings

Cravings for Ritalin are one of the defining characteristics of Ritalin addiction. Those who are only physically dependent upon the drug don’t need Ritalin rehab; they only need a doctor who can help them slowly lower their dose until they are off the drug. Ritalin rehab provides an extensive psychological addiction treatment program that begins immediately after stabilization in Ritalin detox to address those cravings. It is these cravings that many patients will find more difficult to deal with than any withdrawal symptom. Learning how to recognize the feelings and situations that trigger those cravings is the best way to avoid relapse and one of the main objectives of a Ritalin rehab program.

Follow Ritalin Rehab Program with Sober Living

Sober living facilities provide the same environmental support and abstinence philosophy that patients experienced during Ritalin rehab but with fewer restrictions. For example, in sober living, patients are allowed to come and go more freely so they can attend 12-step meetings in the community or begin to look for a job or attend school. There are still rules and schedule requirements -personal therapy, house meetings, chores, curfews, etc. -but these are far more lenient than those at a rehab center and give patients the opportunity to transition more slowly back to a life fraught with temptation to relapse.

Ritalin Rehab at Michael’s House

Would you like to learn more about our Ritalin detox and addiction treatment program? Located in beautiful Palm Springs, California, we offer a full residential Ritalin rehab experience as well as a sober living facility on a separate estate.

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