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Restoril Detox and Recovery

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

Detox is your first step toward recovery. It lets you break free from the influence of Restoril so you can do the work that will keep you free. Detox isn’t treatment in and of itself, but it lets treatment begin. And when you choose comprehensive treatment programs like those at Michael’s House, time spent in detox is also time spent healing physically, mentally and emotionally. You can get to the heart of recovery sooner by integrating detox and early treatment.

How Does Detox Begin?

Nurse taking blood pressureYou have choices when it comes to detox. Depending on your mental and physical health, you and your treatment team may choose abrupt detox, substitute medications or a tapering scheduling. You may choose a combination of different methods. Every step of recovery is unique to you and your individual needs. Michael’s House recognizes the importance of this personalized care.

When you are physically dependent on a benzodiazepine like Restoril, detox typically begins by working with your medical care provider to develop a tapering schedule. Again, this may not be the case for you, but it is a typical first-line approach to Restoril detox.

Another promising option is using a substitute medication and then tapering use of that medication. For example, European Psychiatry shared a study that found that “Zopiclone has a useful role in benzodiazepine withdrawal, and that immediate substitution is the best method.”1 This medication helped patients sleep better, feel alert and manage withdrawal symptoms. It may not be the right method for you, but it shows that medications may play a helpful role in your recovery. They may influence how long detox takes and how you feel during detox.

Detox and Recovery Options

Woman sleepingMedications aren’t the only way to change your detox experience. Sleeping well, eating right, staying active and getting emotional support all help. Michael’s House offers a quiet, safe and peaceful environment. We have chef-prepared, nutritious meals to fuel body and mind. We even offer nutritional counseling so you can learn how to cook great food for yourself at home! We also offer both classic and new ways to strengthen yourself.

You may want to try yoga or an adventure program. Therapists will help you develop healthy sleep habits and practice relaxation and stress management techniques for more restful nights. This may involve supplementing your treatment plan with alternative methods such as meditation. Harvard Health explains, “A mindfulness-based stress reduction program helped quell anxiety symptoms in people with generalized anxiety disorder, a condition marked by hard-to-control worries, poor sleep, and irritability. People in the control group — who also improved, but not as much as those in the meditation group — were taught general stress management techniques.”2

Give Yourself the Time You Need

Give yourself and your recovery every boost you can. This ultimately means less time in treatment! And more time in recovery. Michael’s House helps you supplement your recovery and flow as easily as possible from detox to the next step towards wellness.Our proven programs blend science-based therapies with alternative methods of healing.

You don’t have to finish detox in any set amount of time. You don’t have to do it any certain way. Just make sure you get professional medical support and are working with an experienced treatment team. Make sure you follow detox with comprehensive, integrated addiction treatment. Learn more by giving Michael’s House a call. We offer this healing in a safe, peaceful and luxurious setting.


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2 Julie, Corliss. “Mindfulness Meditation May Ease Anxiety, Mental Stress.” Harvard Health. 3 Oct. 2017.