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Military and Abuse

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military drug rehabThousands of troops return from serving overseas in war-torn areas every month. Thousands more work long hours standing, lifting, and climbing – injury is a part of the job. Prescription painkillers can be lifesavers for men and women in uniform, allowing them to continue functioning at optimum level, maintaining their career, taking care of their families, and serving their country. Unfortunately, like everyone else, it’s not hard for a painkiller abuse issue to start – and ultimately turn into a painkiller dependence that can become as debilitating as the pain itself.

If your loved one is struggling with a prescription drug abuse problem, the military will help cover the cost of treatment in many cases. Contact us today to learn more.

Identifying Prescription Drug Abuse in Your Loved One

The odd hours, frequent deployments, and ever-changing schedule of a military member can make it difficult for spouses to recognize if there’s a problem with drug abuse. When the person has a prescription for the drugs, the line between drug use and drug abuse becomes even hazier.

At what point does use of a prescription drug like OxyContin or Vicodin turn into a problem that needs to be addressed through treatment?

Prescription Drug Abuse Signs

Some signs that prescription drug abuse has become a serious issue include the following:

  • Changes in eating habits and sleeping patterns
  • Lying or becoming defensive when asked about pill use
  • Difficulties maintaining positive relationships at home and at work
  • Inability to manage job requirements
  • Arrest or citation for driving recklessly under the influence of painkillers
  • Abusing the pills by taking more than prescribed, taking the recommended dose more often than prescribed, crushing the pills before taking them, or taking other substances in addition to the pills to augment their effect
  • Getting multiple prescriptions for the same or similar drugs

Maintaining Privacy

Privacy is often a high priority among military members. Even a rumor of wrongdoing or personal problems can create obstacles to advancement or ruin opportunities for the military member. Many officers and enlisted individuals often refuse to seek treatment or admit that they have a problem with drug abuse as a result. Rather than risk harming their career or reputation, they attempt to manage it on their own or keep it secret.

Unfortunately, it is rarely possible to successfully hide a drug addiction. Though some can manage to be functional addicts for a time, it is especially difficult when you live in military housing or are deployed and constantly surrounded by colleagues. Instead of allowing the addiction to destroy their career completely, getting help at least demonstrates that they have taken action to eradicate the issue of painkiller addiction and are on the right track. Treatment can provide a high level of privacy, allowing the patient to focus on their recovery without fear of repercussions in their career.

Get Started Today

When addiction is an issue for a military member, seeking immediate treatment can help turn things around. Being impaired on the job not only risks harm to them but to those they serve with as well. It’s not something to ignore.

If your loved one is dependent upon a prescription drug, you can help them get the treatment that will help them get back on track today. Call us at 760.548.4032 and learn more about the prescription drug addiction programs we offer for military members that can help your loved one heal.