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3 Detox Options

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There are three basic types of Percocet detox to choose from, and all of them provide a safe and effective way to stop using Percocet right away. No one type is better than another, and everyone will fare differently depending upon their circumstances. It is important to discuss the details of your drug history and needs for Percocet detox with your doctor before you choose a program.

If you would like to learn more about our Percocet detox options and addiction treatment program here at Michael’s House, contact us today.

Outpatient Medicated Detoxification

MethadoneIf you opt for an outpatient Percocet detox, it is recommended that you also enroll in an outpatient Percocet addiction treatment program that addresses the psychological dependency issues that define addiction. Detox is a crucial first step to healing, but it is not the whole process; therefore, it’s important to complete a full treatment program to avoid relapse and pursue health.1

An outpatient Percocet detox program that utilizes either methadone or Suboxone allows you to stop taking Percocet immediately and start taking the replacement drugs.2 These drugs are not replacements for the addiction, but they replace the Percocet on the receptors in your brain that expect to bind with Percocet. The new medication mimics the chemical makeup of Percocet without providing a dysfunctional high and allows you to stop taking the prescription painkiller without experiencing the withdrawal symptoms that would otherwise come with Percocet detox. Slowly, over time, you can lower your dose of Suboxone or methadone until you are no longer dependent upon that drug either.

Inpatient Detox

An inpatient medicated Percocet detox utilizes that same medications that would be given at an outpatient program but comes with an extensive psychological addiction treatment plan. There is no chance of relapse or missing a dose of medication when you opt for an inpatient detox and you enjoy the benefit of a residential comprehensive addiction treatment rather than allows you to dedicate your full time to healing.

At an inpatient or residential Percocet detox, you also have the support of medical staff 24 hours a day. Should you experience any medical complications due to unknown medical disorders or co-occurring psychological disorders, there will be professionals standing by to assist you.

Inpatient Cold Turkey Detox

For those who don’t like the long-term nature of Percocet detox that includes medication, a shorter, cold turkey option is available. Unavailable on an outpatient basis, a cold turkey Percocet detox means that you will experience all the withdrawal symptoms but for a shorter period of time.3 Medication is often given that will provide relief from most withdrawal symptoms or limit their intensity. When it is over, you are clearheaded and free of physical dependency, ready to focus on psychological addiction treatment for a full recovery.

Percocet Detox and Addiction Treatment in Palm Springs

Would you like to find out more information about the different types of Percocet detox? Do you need to speak with a counselor to determine which Percocet detox option will be best for you?

If you or someone you love is fighting a Percocet addiction, please call our 24-hour, toll-free helpline to talk to someone today. We want to help you begin a healthier life as you invest in your future without drugs.


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