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5 Signs Your Child May Need Alcoholism Help

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When you are close to someone who has a problem with alcohol, the line is easily blurred between abuse and addiction. How can you identify when alcohol is a serious problem for your loved one, serious enough to require rehab?

Remember, you know your loved one well. You are uniquely qualified to recognize changes in his or her behavior.

5 Signs Your Loved One Needs Alcohol Rehab

Your loved one needs help if…

  • 1. They suffer from health problems due to alcohol and yet refuse to stop drinking.

    Continued health problems are a significant sign that their addiction has reached a crucial point. The sooner your child stops drinking and begins alcohol detox, the sooner they can start recovering.

  • 2. They are losing their family due to their continued abuse of alcohol.

    Relationships are one of the first things to suffer when alcoholism is an issue.1 If you see your child losing their spouse or significant other due to their drinking, then your loved one needs treatment.

  • 3. They are missing work or school or have been fired or suspended due to alcohol abuse.

    Though functional alcoholics are common (i.e. those who drink heavily and continue to maintain at work or school), it is far more common that those who struggle with alcoholism also struggle with keeping up with their assignments at school and projects at work. Many alcoholics find themselves expelled from school or fired from their jobs when alcoholism gets in the way. If this has happened to your child, they need professional help.

  • 4. They have a co-occurring psychological or medical issues that are worsened by alcohol.

    Many with psychological disorders use alcohol to self-medicate, and alcoholism is often the result.

    Unfortunately, alcohol does not help the problem but only creates new ones. Especially in the event of co-occurring physical issues, alcohol will only worsen the situation. If your child is using any substance to self-medicate or has significant health issues as a result, they need the help of an alcohol rehab treatment center.

  • 5. They have tried and failed repeatedly to stop drinking alone.

    A standard test of addiction is whether or not your child has the ability to stop drinking when they decide to. Another is whether or not they experience withdrawal symptoms when stopping on their own. If your loved one cannot stop drinking for any length of time or has withdrawal symptoms when they stop using, then they need rehab.

Choosing Rehab at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we offer evidence-based treatment programs that include both alcohol detox under medical supervision and alcohol addiction treatment. Our program is comprehensive, effective, and safe.

Contact us today at 760.548.4032 to learn more about how we can help. Our caring and knowledgeable admissions coordinators can answer all your questions and help you make decisions about your addiction treatment options.