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Why is OxyContin So Addicting?

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oxycontin addictionOxyContin made a huge impact on the prescription pain killer market because of its 12 hour time release method for delivering its active ingredient, oxycodone. This new, longer pain relief formula allowed those suffering from chronic or intense pain receive almost four times the level of treatment than they were with more traditional painkillers. The serious problems with OxyContin occurred when people began abusing the drug for non-medicinal purposes.

Instead of waiting for the 12-hour time release of the medication, many individuals were chewing, snorting, or injecting the OxyContin so that they could feel the entire impact of the drug at one time. This heavy dosage level led to many emergency room visits and deaths.

Learn Why Oxycontin Can Become So Addictive

What makes OxyContin so addictive? And why is OxyContin so dangerous to an individual who has become addicted? As with other opiates, when an individual uses the drug with greater and greater frequency, he or she begins to develop a tolerance for it. When a user develops a tolerance for OxyContin, she requires larger and larger doses of the drug to elicit its euphoric effects. Along the way, the user is getting more and more addicted to the drug -in this case OxyContin.

One of the reasons that OxyContin stands apart as more addictive than other drugs is because of the way it is misused. When an individual snorts or injects OxyContin, they are getting much more of the drug at once than the manufacturers ever intended. This intense high creates problems in the individual’s brain, which will in turn seek out more and more of this intense feeling caused by the large dosage. And when you’re dealing with OxyContin, repeatedly seeking out and ingesting large doses can prove to be addicting and even fatal.

But what makes OxyContin addiction so dangerous? As we mentioned above, many misuse the drug in order to achieve a more intense high from the oxycodone. Because this is not the way the drug was intended to be used, the large amount ingested (especially once addicted -and more and more is needed to achieve a high) can often lead to overdose.

Getting Help Is Critical

When you, a loved one, or a client is sick and dealing with the diseases of addiction and/or mental illness, getting help is critical. The decision about whether to seek alcohol rehab or drug rehab is very important and is an essential part of beginning recovery. Do you or a loved one need help? Our Call Center is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and help with the admissions process. You may also send a confidential e-mail or have a secure, private Live Chat with a representative.

At Michael’s House, we know how difficult getting off OxyContin can be. Our caring, trained staff can help you get clean and stay clean. Michael’s House understands OxyContin use and drug addiction -and the emotional and psychological conditions that can lead to despair, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

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