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Stage a Successful Intervention

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staging an interventionStaging a successful oxycodone addiction intervention starts with two things: choosing the right time for the event and planning it out ahead of time. The actual staging of an intervention takes on a momentum of its own -in some cases, many family members opt to hire a professional interventionist to take over the running of the intervention itself.

At Michael’s House, we can provide your family member with a safe place to land after an oxycodone intervention. Our oxycodone rehab will allow your loved one to immediately stop taking his or her prescription and begin the process of living a life without the weight of oxycodone addiction.

The Best Timing for an Oxycodone Addiction Intervention

Choosing when to approach your loved one with an oxycodone addiction intervention can have a huge impact on its efficacy. Not just the time of day or their state of mind, but where your loved one is in his or her addiction can completely change their attitude toward treatment. For example, if your family member has just experienced a near-miss with oxycodone overdose or lost a job or a relationship due to their inability to stop using the drug, this can be a good time to point out to them how seriously the painkiller is affecting them and encourage them to get the treatment they need at a formal oxycodone addiction intervention.

Preparing for an Oxycodone Addiction Intervention

Planning for an oxycodone addiction intervention is simple. Start by choosing who you think would be most effective to include in the event, then choose a date and time for a meeting that you will hold only with the participants. Here you can discuss with them the purpose of an intervention and their role in the process.

Each person will have an opportunity to speak with the addicted family member. It is generally advised that each participant speak for only a few minutes and avoid any judgmental comments or anger. If you choose to hire a professional interventionist, he or she will run this meeting as well as the intervention itself.

Staging an Oxycodone Addiction Intervention

When it’s time to stage the oxycodone addiction intervention, you must wait for your loved one to be sober. He or she may have just taken a handful of pills before the intervention and will be unable to process what you and other participants are saying. This can take up to a few hours, but it’s important that you try to keep your loved one from leaving during this time. This is often a last-ditch effort of family members to help their addicted loved one get into oxycodone rehab before telling them that they need to move out and move on. Stay focused and try to keep the emotional response to a minimum. It can be difficult, but it’s worth it if your loved one agrees to go to treatment.

Following Up an Oxycodone Addiction Intervention with Treatment at Michael’s House

Contact Michael’s House today by calling 760.548.4032 to secure a spot in treatment for your loved one prior to the oxycodone addiction intervention.