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Strategies for Successful Detox

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Opiate detox refers to the process of giving the harmful toxins found in drugs such as heroin, OxyContin or Vicodin a chance to leave the system. Opiate detox is important because, without it, the individual cannot begin the drug rehab process (the chance of relapse or illness is too high while there are still toxins in the bloodstream).

Helpful Strategies for a Successful Detox

The following tips have been compiled by asking experts what can help individuals through opiate detox most quickly and with the greatest chance for success.

Be healthy — Although you will still have drug toxins in your system when you enter opiate detox, it is still a good idea to begin the program in as healthy a state as possible. Once you have committed to breaking the cycle of opiate addiction, you can expect the next few months to be demanding -so a strong body and mind will increase the odds of success.

Have the right attitude — One thing that holds true for every stage of the drug rehab process is that those individuals who maintain a positive attitude about their recovery are going to stand the best chance at success. By entering into opiate detox with a willingness to change, and accepting the guidance of those who oversee the program, you will be that must closer to getting the program to work as intended.

Work with a professional — Nobody should attempt to go through opiate detox on their own. Professional, medical supervision is essential not only because it increases the success rates of the program, but also because it provides a safety net of support as the withdrawal symptoms begin to take hold of the individual.

Consider all the treatment options — Not all opiate detox programs are alike. Some use medications such as methadone or other drugs to help ease the individual through the detox process with as few withdrawal symptoms as possible. Others may take a more organic approach -and let the body adapt on its own to the absence of any opiate-related toxins in the system. Whichever type of program you choose it is important work with a facility that makes you feel comfortable and offers the most relevant treatment styles to meet your needs.

Be persistent — Many individuals do not achieve successful drug detox the first time they try. The best advice if this occurs is to stay positive, maintain focus and try to complete the process again.

Don’t stop there — Remember, while completing detox is a fantastic achievement, and one you should be very proud of, it does NOT represent a full recovery from opiate addiction. Detox addresses the physical component of addiction, but that still leaves the psychological aspects of the condition. These are address through drug counseling which makes up the bulk of the opiate rehab program.

How Long Does a Successful Program Take?

Most opiate detox programs take three to five days, but in the case of more severe opiate addictions they can last several weeks.

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