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3 Myths About Rehab for Teens

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Teen girl with opioid problemIt’s hard enough to talk to your teen about going to a marijuana rehab center. Many teens will likely feel like they are being punished and may not even agree that their marijuana use is an addiction that requires treatment.

With all the myths floating around about what happens during marijuana rehab for teens, parents have a hard time convincing their kids that it’s not only a positive place to be, but also comes with lasting benefits they will need going forward. A great way to prepare teens for rehab is to be properly educated yourself, understanding facts that dispel the myths.

Myth #1: Teen Rehabs Are Discipline Camps

Actually, no. The only thing that a teen marijuana rehab has in common with wilderness or discipline camps is that both experiences usually take you away from home for a few weeks. There is no corporal punishment. No one will be screaming in participants’ faces or trying to “scare them straight,” as TV shows often depict.

Rather, most teen marijuana rehabs offer treatment plans and programs based on medical treatment when necessary, medical monitoring and an open and honest exploration of the psychotherapeutic treatment options available. Those options include outdoors and adventure courses, cooking and art therapies and talk therapy in group and individual sessions. Teens are often given choices and a voice in which therapies should be part of their personal programs. Patients will meet regularly with a personal therapist to check in and make sure that treatment goals are being reached.

Myth #2: Brainwashing Is the Only Goal

Again, false. Because the treatment program is based on self-directed therapeutic treatments, your teen will be the one directing his or her progress. Obviously, the goal is to help participants leave marijuana addiction behind and move forward in life without drugs and alcohol, but the treatment and therapies that help them get to that point are extremely individualized. There is no one controlling the pace or progress of the treatment or forcing anything on anyone in the program. Like everything in life, the choices you make during marijuana rehab are your own.

Myth #3: Rehab Is Full of Bad Influences

Not really. Many parents are concerned that other teens in the program will be a bad influence on their child. Granted, your teen will have peers in rehab who are also struggling to overcome addiction, but the influence of peer groups is typically positive, creating an atmosphere of share experiences and peer support. Peer support is extremely beneficial in letting your child know that he or she is not alone. It can also demonstrate rather effectively what can happen if you don’t get alcohol and drug addiction under control at a young age. Many participants observe the severity of other’s addictions and life decisions and are motivated to get clean and pursue a drug-free future.

Rehab at Michael’s House

Michael’s House offers a teen marijuana detox and rehab program for ages 18 and up. Our program includes a number of incredible therapies and alternative options like acupuncture, yoga, meditation, acupressure, gentle exercise and organic, detox-oriented nutrition. These combine with medical and therapeutic guidance to create a holistic, well-rounded experience for your child.

If you would like information about staging an intervention for your teen or enrolling your child in our marijuana rehab, contact us today at our 24 hour, toll-free helpline. Our caring admissions coordinators can answer any of your questions and help start the process of enrolling your child in treatment today.