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Teen Heroin Addiction

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Heating heroin in spoonThe statistics about teen heroin abuse are shocking. Every year, more teens between the ages of 12 and 17 are using heroin. Statistics show that approximately .07% of high school seniors use heroin at some point in their lives. As much as .04% of seniors have used heroin in the last month.1 As a result, teen heroin addiction is becoming more common,and the need for more teen heroin rehab facilities rises each year. It’s a problem that can be terrifying to parents. So how can you help your child when she has a drug issue?

The first step you can take is to get help from a medical professional. At Michael’s House, you can contact us today to learn more about teen heroin abuse. We can help your child move forward in her recovery at our sober living estates here in Palm Springs, California.

Does My Child Need Treatment?

As a parent, you will likely wonder if your child is just experimenting or she has a serious problem that requires serious treatment. You likely know on a gut-level if your child is in danger and needs heroin addiction treatment. At the same time, it is understandable if you are not be sure. No one wants to see his or her child struggle with a drug problem. Here are a few signs that your teen is using heroin addictively include:

  • Finding drug paraphernalia such as needles or burnt spoons is a clear sign that your child is at least dabbling regularly in heroin abuse.
  • “Nodding out” and closing their eyes in the middle of conversations is a sign that your child is high on heroin.
  • Changes in hygiene, appearance, interest in old hobbies and friends.
  • She may have irritable moods or appear “dazed” or “out of it.”

Sadly, as heroin use continues, the health risks only get worse. If your child abuses the drug more than once, she needs professional help immediately. And if she continues using over a period of months, then it’s time to enroll her in a teen heroin addiction treatment center. Stopping heroin use can cause serious withdrawal symptoms and other issues. Some common symptoms include restlessness, muscle and bone pain, diarrhea and vomiting, and cold flashes with goosebumps.2

Intervention for Teen Heroin Addicts

Mom comforting teen daughterAs a parent, you have the power to simply enroll your underage child in a teen heroin addiction treatment program. However, if your child is over the age of 18 — or if she does not believe that treatment is necessary — an intervention can be very helpful. An intervention can help her understand that heroin rehab is not only important; it could save her life.

At a drug intervention, a handful of friends and family members gather together to share with your child how her heroin problem has hurt them in some way. The goal is to help your teen to understand the serious nature of heroin abuse and to have them get the help they need.

Here’s more information on how to plan an intervention.

Teen Heroin Addiction Treatment at Michael’s House

At Michael’s House, we know how you feel. We have admissions coordinators available right now that are ready to help. The great news is that we can help your child live a life without drug abuse. It starts with a simple phone call. Just contact us now at 760.548.4032 to find out more about our heroin addiction treatment program today.


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