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Programs For The Elderly

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

There is a hidden epidemic of addiction in our world. Senior citizens – our own parents and grandparents — are just as susceptible to alcohol or drug dependence as people of all other ages. Often, senior citizens need specialized addiction treatment. In some cases, it can be difficult to recognize the scope of the problem. In other cases, it may be difficult to persuade a loved one to accept treatment.

Worried elderly coupleSenior citizens develop drug problems for a variety of reasons – most commonly to cope with loneliness and despair, to grieve over the loss of a loved one, or to cope with the pain while recovering from an injury. Some also become addicted to the same medications prescribed to help them with illnesses or chronic physical problems.

Why has this problem gone unnoticed? As a country, we have a tendency to forget about our elder citizens or deny that such a troubling problem may occur amongst the elderly. It may be difficult to recognize a substance problem, and it may be difficult to balance addiction recovery treatment with treatment for other ailments.

Why Drug Rehab for the Elderly is Important

There are some serious risks specifically associated with drugs and the elderly. Their physical condition is likely to already be fragile. The stress that drug use physically puts on senior citizens can lead to serious illness or even death.

Simply put, older people are not physically equipped to handle the physical rigors of prolonged use of narcotics or prescription drugs. Stopping this problem means getting involved and helping our older citizens get into rehab.

Drug rehab for the elderly must begin quickly; when you recognize that the individual in question has a problem. You need to watch for the warning signs just as you would for a younger drug user. Look at the behavior of the individual and use common sense (along with seeking a professional opinion) to help you make the decision about whether or not to intervene.It is vital that you choose a drug rehab program that has experience working with the elderly. You can’t simply place an elderly person into a mainstream facility. While many facilities may be able to help most senior citizens, those facilities may not offer help that is specific to their needs. Often, the rigors of the program might be too much for them physically and mentally.

Some drug problems can be prevented simply by caring involvement among family members.

This can include taking the time to open up time in our lives for older relatives. By providing comfort and emotional care, you will be filling a void that many seniors may be filling with substance use or abuse.

The stress that drugs put on older individuals – and the Medicare system as a whole – can no longer be ignored. We must all step up and take a good hard look at our older relatives, and make sure we are doing everything we can to keep them healthy and free of problem drug issues, including checking them into a drug rehab program that meets their special needs, if needed.

Help Your Senior Loved One Overcome Addiction

Michael’s House can help you determine the right level of care for your loved one. We can also help you connect with the right treatment facility to help senior citizens, no matter what level of care they need.

At Michael’s House, we provide a safe haven for adults who are recovering from drug addiction. Our trained, highly skilled staff is familiar with all the problems associated with drug abuse and the elderly, and will take wonderful care of your beloved family member or help you find the very best program to get your loved one back to wellness.