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Crack Cocaine Addiction

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In the 1980’s and 1990’s crack cocaine addiction was considered among the major societal problems in the United States.

Although history may show that some of the hysteria surrounding crack cocaine was blown out of proportion, look at the resident of any drug rehab program and there is no denying that the drug created havoc then – and still continues to do so. In fact, according to recent analysis the problem may be more of a concern than ever.
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What is Crack Cocaine?

Crack is a highly purified form of cocaine which is smoked when in its “rock” form. Ten times more powerful than a dose of cocaine, crack can become addictive after only one or two uses, making it one of the most dangerous illicit drugs in the world. According to SAMSHA the rate of crack cocaine use is currently highest among men from a lower socio-economic demographic in the U.S.

Signs and Symptoms of Crack Cocaine Addiction

More so than almost any other drug, there are a number of physical, psychological and societal problems associated with crack addiction.

Those who suspect that a loved one may be using crack cocaine should watch for the following signs and symptoms:

  • Money Problems. Individuals who are addicted to crack are always in need of money to finance their habit. Although the drug is relatively inexpensive, the addictive nature of crack means that individuals will always be craving more, and need money to score. Watch for the individual who needs to borrow money constantly, or is selling their personal possessions in order to get quick cash.
  • Isolated or secretive behavior. Crack is not a “social” drug. Individuals tend to smoke the drug alone or with strangers in a crack house or on the street.
  • Severe mood swings. Individuals using crack cocaine move quickly from a state of euphoria (when they are high) to depression (when searching for their next hit of the drug).
  • Dilated pupils, increased heart rates, dizziness and other physical symptoms. These are just a few of the short term physical symptoms associated with crack addiction.

Treating Crack Cocaine Addiction

When an individual becomes addicted to crack cocaine, drug rehab is the best chance they have to break the dependency cycle.

During drug rehab, the individual will learn how to overcome the physical addiction to the drug as well as the strong psychological hold it places on the user.

The detox process for crack addiction is shorter than that found in opiate-based problems such as heroin addiction because the real “pull” of the drug lies in the psychological realm. Extensive counseling during addiction treatment helps the individual reshape their mind as well as learn the triggers that lead to crack abuse. Through group and individual counseling, the recovering addict learns how to replace the crack cocaine experience with other, more productive pursuits, as well as how to avoid temptation and make better decisions concerning the drug.

Michael’s House treats individuals with a crack addiction through the most forward-thinking treatment methods available. Located in Palm Springs, California, Michael’s House is a residential drug rehab facility that offers a “whole body” approach to treatment that enriches the mind, body and soul of the individual.

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