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7 Things to Know Before Starting Rehab

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Drug rehabilitation programs have the power to change lives. But in order to get the most out of the treatment, it is important to be prepared. The following list represents seven things every individual should know before entering into a drug rehabilitation program.

Intervention1. That the people closest to you ARE telling the truth. If you have been the focal point of a drug intervention, that means two things -the people in your life care about you a great deal, and you have a drug problem that has affected them in a negative way. Releasing yourself from denial about your drug addiction will help you immensely as you move forward with treatment.

2. The difference between residential and outpatient rehabilitation. There are two major drug rehabilitation treatment program types – outpatient and residential. Outpatient drug treatment programs are best for those individuals who want to return home at the end of the day following treatment. Residential drug rehabilitation programs are best suited for those who need a place to focus on nothing but their recovery -and do so in a location removed from their daily lives.

3. That attitude makes a difference. Time and again, studies have found that individuals who enter into drug rehab with a positive mental attitude enjoy the most success inside the facility. Fighting back against the people who are trying to help you waste precious energy that is needed to achieve recovery.

4. That detox is not rehabilitation.
Beware drug detox programs that claim they can offer a full recovery from drug addiction. Detox represents only part of the rehab process, helping the individual overcome the physical component of addiction. The crucial psychological component is addressed though individual and group counseling.

5. That group counseling is not so scary. One of the more intimidating aspects of drug rehabilitation is group counseling. Many people are hesitant at first to share their experiences with total strangers. However, some of the greatest breakthroughs occur during this time -as people begin to feel less isolated and more a part of a support structure.

6. That friends and family can make all the difference. Having the support of loved ones during drug rehab gives people a decided edge. Just knowing that those who matter most are THERE for you provides an important boost.

7. That rehabilitation does NOT end when the program is over. Perhaps the most important part of drug rehab is what comes after the program is complete. Aftercare programs provide preparation for a life without drugs and can include 12-step programs such as Narcotic Anonymous or follow-up therapy with the counselors you worked with at the facility. Life is going to be full of temptations and challenges -aftercare is the road map that sees you through these potential obstacles.

Michael’s House is a residential drug rehabilitation facility that helps motivated individuals enact real change in their lives. Located in Palm Springs, California, Michael’s House understands that in order to achieve rehab success, an individual must be treated in mind, body, and spirit. The drug rehabilitation programs at the facility do just that -making the whole person stronger so that they can enjoy a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life without drugs. Contact Michael’s House today at 760.548.4032 for more information.