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After Overdose: What Next?

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If you have experienced a drug overdose and lived to tell the tale, take it as a sign—it’s time to change your life. A drug overdose is a dangerous thing to endure, and few escape with their lives. The important thing to do now is to take measures to ensure that it never happens again. Next time might end very differently—no high is worth that risk.

At Michael’s House, we can help you to avoid drug overdose by providing you with the drug and alcohol addiction treatment you need. Contact us today to learn more about our program or to get started on the enrollment process.

Home Remedies Cannot Prevent Overdose

Because you survived a drug overdose or a near-overdose does not mean that you will be as lucky next time. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you can protect yourself by choosing to get high only with friends. Other tricks that you’ve heard will save you in the event that you take too much of your drug of choice or mix the wrong drugs are not dependable and can fail to protect you from the effects of an overdose.

There are no precautions or home remedies that will protect you in the event of an overdose although it is never a bad idea to call the American Association of Poison Control Centers to get professional help dealing with specific substances ingested.[1]

Addiction Treatment Fights the Risk of Overdose

If you’re not abusing drugs and alcohol, you’re not at risk of overdose. That’s the only way to truly protect yourself. Choosing a drug and alcohol rehab that provides you with a safe and effective detox as well as extensive addiction treatment can help you stop using your drug of choice immediately and teach you how to avoid relapse.

The type of drug rehab that you choose is up to you. Depending upon your drug history and whether or not you are diagnosed with co-occurring psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and others, you may require a specific type of rehab facility for a successful recovery. For example, those with co-occurring disorders should opt for a Dual Diagnosis treatment center so they can receive treatment for both issues during rehab.[2]

Avoid Overdose With Aftercare Services

don’t know that often accidentally overdose when they take the same amount of their drug of choice as they regularly took before entering rehab.

One of the best ways to fight relapse and accidental overdose is to make sure that you have a tremendous amount of support to help you when you feel tempted. Sober living homes, addiction counseling, 12-step meetings and alumni meetings at your drug rehab are all excellent choices.[3]

Help Prevent the Risk of Drug Overdose

If you would like to learn more about our drug rehab and sober living program here at Michael’s House, don’t hesitate to call us toll-free at 760.548.4032. Our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day to assist you in finding the treatment you need to avoid the risk of drug overdose. We want to help you begin a life without drugs and alcohol. Please call today.