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Natural Drug Detox

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Man looking out windowYou or a loved one is struggling with addiction. It’s time for treatment and recovery. You know this process begins with detox. You’ve heard horror stories or experienced discomfort if you’ve ever tried to quit on your own. You want to begin your recovery the right way, but you don’t want to be miserable. So what are you options?

Natural Drug Detox

Natural drug detox is one option available to you. You can end your body’s physical dependence on a drug without using other substances like substitute or step-down medications. This route isn’t right for everyone, but it may give you the fresh, healthy start you’re looking for.

How Does Natural Drug Detox Work?

Your body already “detoxes” itself naturally every day. Your liver and kidneys work hard to remove extra, unwanted substances. When you are actively using, these organs can’t keep up. Once you quit, they can begin to do their job properly again.

Is Natural Detox Right for Me?

Natural drug detox is based on the philosophy that no unneeded chemicals are good chemicals when it comes to a healthy body. However if you have been struggling with alcohol addiction, opiate addiction or addictions to certain other chemicals, you made need the support of medications to prevent potentially serious health consequences. Talk with you treatment team, and make sure you are getting the appropriate care for your unique situation.

How Long Does Natural Drug Detox Take?

When you stop using drugs or alcohol, it will take a little time for your body to readjust. Healthline explains, “Many systems in your body are altered when you take large amounts of opioids for a long time. Withdrawal effects occur because it takes time for your body to adjust to no longer having opioids in your system.”1 This is true for alcohol, amphetamines and any other substances you may be using. This readjustment is why you experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms are actually signs that your body is beginning to work like it should again! Natural detox programs understand you can’t rush this process. You heal at your own pace. Your body will find balance again, and in the meantime, you can begin the real work of recovery.

What Does Detox Involve?

Even in natural detox, you can work with your treatment team to address some symptoms with over-the-counter medications or natural therapies like massage, acupuncture and yoga. Even if you do not use any medications, your natural drug detox program should still include medically supervised services to ensure your health and safety. You may also participate in exercise, nutritionally therapy and more as you begin to feel better. This helps you heal faster now and feel better long into the future.

What Happens After Natural Drug Detox?

No matter what detox path you choose, remember that detox is just the beginning. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration emphasizes, “Detoxification is not treatment; it is a first step that can prepare a person for treatment.”2 Any form of detox needs to be followed by in-depth, integrated addiction treatment. When you choose a comprehensive treatment program that includes natural detox services, you can flow seamlessly from one step of recovery to the next.

Where Can I Find Natural Detox Services?

Michael’s House offers a range of detox services and therapeutic options. We encourage a healthy and complete recovery by providing integrated treatment for body, mind and spirit. Come begin your recovery with us, and let us lead you to a long, healthy and drug-free life. For more information about our programs or about detox and recovery in general, call us today.


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