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Luxury Detox

Providing Trusted, Evidence-Based
Treatment for Three Decades and Counting

If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

Addiction is a universal disease. It is not limited to those with a certain social status, location, personality or income. It differs depending on unique personal situations, but anyone can struggle with addiction.

Anyone can find treatment that matches her unique recovery needs. Anyone can benefit from treatment. This treatment begins with detox.

You have many choices when it comes to detox. Depending on the drug involved, you can detox cold turkey with medical supervision. You can work with addiction specialists to taper your drug use or recover with the aid of medications. You can detox in a hospital, at a specialized detox facility, or through your rehab program. The best rehab programs offer integrated, medically supervised detox services. This provides for a seamless transition from detox to treatment. It allows you to have the same high-quality experience during detox as you will have during rehab.

Detox involves letting your body readjust to functioning without drugs or alcohol. It can be an uncomfortable process, but as long as you find professional medical supervision it is a safe one. Luxury detox is no different at its core than traditional detox. It offers evidence-based, medically-supervised care staffed by experienced, compassionate professionals. Your stay and medical information will always be confidential.

ls, most up-to-date research and practices and top doctors and therapists. Professionals at luxury rehab centers understand the unique recovery needs that come with certain professions or positions. As[1] explains, “Getting into the head of an addict who’s a bigwig is a particular challenge since there is so much at stake, and so much power and ego involved.” Your personal and professional position influences the best approach to your detox and recovery. Luxury detox providers know and provide tailored, appropriate treatment.

Luxury detox does more than offer the best medical and therapeutic care. It also offers supplemental and complimentary recovery services.

You will get more than the best medical care. You get a complete treatment experience. You get to participate in healthy, supportive practices. Your detox experience may include massage, meditation, yoga and more. These alone don’t constitute treatment, but they can encourage recovery or simply make your stay in treatment more enjoyable. As Massage Magazine[2] explains: “A holistic approach is critical to dealing with addiction issues.” Addiction touches all aspects of your health and life, body and mind. Luxury treatment heals on multiple levels. For example massage can help you create and rebuild connections. “Massage for recovery can be an important part of a program,” Massage Magazine continues, “especially for people just starting rehabilitation, who may feel extremely disconnected from their bodies and emotions.”

Learning more about self and body can be critical to recovery success. “The core issues with addiction for most people come from long held and erroneous beliefs about oneself that begin in childhood, continues. “Abusing alcohol or drugs…is often an addict’s attempt to cope with these beliefs that develop early but, unfortunately and destructively, stick around and shape us as adults.” Massage and other complementary services put you in touch with yourself. You learn more about personal strengths and potential relapse triggers. You also get to relax and heal. Psych Central[3] says, “Massage can be useful throughout the recovery process, beginning with detox to relieve pain, reduce cravings, boost dopamine levels and enhance immune function.” Supplemental services aid recovery on multiple levels. Massage is just one example of the extra benefits and services you find in luxury detox settings.

While luxury detox offers a full menu of tailored services, it also offers more tangible, visible benefits. Facilities often have scenic or secluded settings. You can expect comfortable beds, more personal space and chef-prepared meals. Staff members will be on-site and available 24 hours a day. Treatment can feel like home away from home or even an escape to an exclusive spa. This doesn’t mean the work of recovery isn’t just as difficult and time-consuming. But it does mean you can do it in comfort.

Call Michael’s House to learn more about our top-of-the-line facility, services and amenities. We offer integrated, effective care at every stage of recovery. We support you during detox and treatment, and we do so in a modern, luxurious setting. We continue to support you long after treatment ends and as you begin your new life in recovery.

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