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All About Drug Counseling

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If you or a loved one is experiencing addiction, we’re here to help.

At the core of every great drug rehab program are the hard working men and women known as drug addiction counselors. When an individual takes part in drug addiction counseling, she is addressing the psychological component of her dependence. This is the process that keeps people from using drugs in the days, months and years following the original addiction treatment program. Counseling provides lessons in better decision-making and generally enhances the life of the individual in mind and spirit. The movement towards treatment at drug rehab centers is creating a demand for these highly skilled counselors at all levels.

Why is Drug Addiction Counseling so Important?

man in counselingWhile drug detox addresses an individual’s physical addiction, there is still the sizable psychological addiction to drugs that must be addressed. This is handled through counseling.

Drug addiction counseling is all about gaining an understanding of why individuals use drugs and eventually become addicted. Sessions address the “triggers” for an individual’s drug use -and help find more positive and productive ways to react to these life stressors.

What are the Most Common forms of Addiction Counseling?

Individual counseling. One-on-one private counseling is the core program at most drug rehab facilities. These sessions are a chance for the therapist and patient to explore the root causes of that individual’s addiction and discover solutions to help keep them clean. Meetings take place at least once a week -and progress is charted by the counselor or therapist.

Group counseling. Group counseling is a chance for the recovering addict to sit down with their peers in the drug rehab program and share experiences while gaining support from one another. For many people, group counseling represents a breakthrough in and of itself, as most have never talked openly and honestly with anyone about their issues.

Family counseling. Family counseling is a chance to rebuild trust and re-establish bonds between family members that existed before drug addiction entered their lives. Family counseling programs can take place during or after the rehab process -and always involve a chance for parents, siblings and children to speak their minds. This may be the first time that family members have addressed the individual directly about their addiction (and its fallout) -and can really help open the lines of communication. In addition, some sessions may take place without the addicted individual present. These sessions are a chance for counselor to instruct the family on the best, most productive ways to help their loved one make a smooth transition back into normal life following treatment.

Michael’s House is a luxury residential drug rehab facility located in Palm Springs, California.

Working to enrich the mind, body and spirit of the individual, Michael’s House uses a powerful combination of both modern treatment modalities and traditional holistic techniques. It is a comprehensive approach that helps turn lives around every day!

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