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Common Symptoms

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With the non-medical use of prescription medications on the rise and the young people continuing to use marijuana, inhalants, and other drugs at an alarming rate, there has never been a better time to become familiar with the most common symptoms of drug addiction and substance abuse. Understanding the symptoms of drug addiction can help individuals and their families in a number of different ways. It can help those who have a substance abuse problem better determine if they need professional treatment at a drug rehab center. And it can also help families who wish to determine whether or not their loved one is in need of an intervention.

What are the Most Common Drug Addiction Symptoms?

Every drug is different, and so too are the symptoms associated with various addictions. The following signs and symptoms tend to run across most major drug addictions.

Mood swings. Drug addiction can elicit a wide range of emotions in the individual. They may experience feelings of euphoria and excitement when under the influence, but then “crash” to the lowest of depressive states when in between doses. These mood swings can have a significant impact on the individual and those closest to them.

Nervousness. Many drug addicts are constantly nervous or seem restless. In between doses of their drug they may find it difficult to sit still. Or in the case of cocaine addiction or other stimulant dependence, the effects of the drug itself may cause nervous behavior.

Illness. Drug abuse is not a healthy lifestyle. Many people will see several different aspects of their physical health suffer as a result. In addition to the strain that drug addiction puts on the liver, heart, kidneys, and other vital internal organs, overdose is a constant threat and one that can land the individual in the hospital for an extended period of time.

Sleeplessness. Individuals with a drug addiction are often unable to sleep through the night. They may suffer from insomnia or will be incredibly difficult to wake up in the morning.

New peer groups. Many addicts will forgo their old friends and valued relationships in exchange for a new peer group that is more accepting of drug use.

Criminal activity. Many drug-addicted individuals find themselves in trouble with the law. In addition to the illegal nature of the substances themselves, many will engage in criminal behavior while under their influence (including driving while intoxicated, robbery or theft to support one’s habit, drug dealing, etc.) or in search of their next “fix”.

Premature death. While not technically a symptom of drug addiction, it is all too often the end result. Many drug addicts see their health deteriorate quickly, or fall victim to a drug overdose.

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