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Types of California Detox Programs

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There are a variety of detox programs to choose from in southern California. Some of these choices include holistic drug detox, medical drug detox, and inpatient drug detox. Each of these programs provides you with the care you need to break free from cocaine addictionheroin addictioncrystal meth addictionalcoholism and other forms of addiction. For individuals who want a deep and meaningful recovery, a variety of complementary therapies are available to help addicts transition from addiction to sobriety. Recent studies show how acupuncture, yoga and meditation offer support in the pursuit of building a life without relapse into addiction.1

Michael’s House offers a holistic, medical, inpatient drug detox program in conjunction with extensive addiction treatment and sober living. Please call us at the phone number listed above to learn more.

Holistic California Detox Programs

Holistic California detox programs provide some of the most comprehensive treatment available. Research shows that holistic addiction treatment programs offer uniquely personal and effective treatment plans for each participant. Holistic California detox is no different as the focus is on the physical recovery of the individual. When you use treatments that draw from as many different resources as possible, you receive the most comprehensive medical and psychological care to help you break free from withdrawal symptoms.

Medical California Detox Programs

One of the most common concerns of individuals who struggle with an addiction is the physical discomfort of withdrawal. Thankfully, modern medicines can often aid individuals during the withdrawal process. Medical detoxification safely manages the physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use. However, medical detoxification is only the first stage of addiction treatment and by itself does little to change long-term drug use.2

Medical treatment is an important part of detox for individuals living with opiate addiction (i.e., heroin addictionOxyContin addictionPercocet addiction, etc.). Different types of medication can ease the withdrawal symptoms and, in some cases, diminish them significantly. The type of medication will vary depending upon the drug of choice and the amount being used when an individual starts detox. For many opiate addicts, methadone is very helpful to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms as well as reducing drug cravings.

Additionally, men and women who are diagnosed with co-occurring medical or psychological disorders will discover that they may have different medical needs during detox than do others struggling only with addiction. It’s important that medical personnel be on standby during detox for those who are dually diagnosed. Medical California detox programs provide that care and security.

Inpatient California Detox Programs

Inpatient California detox programs are the only recommended form of detox, with the exception of a few outpatient opiate detox options. Inpatient treatment means round-the-clock medical supervision and counselor support. It also means a lack of access to drugs and alcohol and, as a result, a lesser chance of relapse during a crucial time in your recovery. Inpatient detox also means that you are not the victim to the common stresses of day-to-day life such as bills, fights with family members, problems in relationships, issues at work. Instead, your focus can be solely on your recovery, your health and your future without drugs and alcohol.

Finding a California Program

There are two primary ways to take part in a detox program. First, there are “stand-alone” detox centers where the individual undergoes detox under the supervision of medical professionals. The second option is detox that occurs as part of a full drug rehab program. These forms of treatment occur upon admissions into the program and are most commonly found at residential California drug rehab programs.

Most detox programs are located near major cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and Sacramento. If you are not near one of these cities, please don’t assume help is not available. Call us now to take this important step forward that can change your life. Jared, one of our Heroes in Recovery, shares his insights as to how the treatment process has aided his recovery.

“As my recovery goes on, it has become more about emotional sobriety and finding balance in my life. All of the positive changes in my life today are a result of my sobriety.”

If you would like to pursue a life without drugs, Michael’s House can help. We are proud to offer the highest quality detox and residential treatment program available. Contact us today at 760.548.4032 to find out more about how we can help you change your life.

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