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Cyclobenzaprine Abuse and Treatment

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When you’re in pain, drugs like cyclobenzaprine can seem heaven sent. You may have gotten a prescription for this muscle relaxant/pain reliever from your doctor. You may have gotten some pills from a family member or friend who had some left over. You may have bought some from a friend, coworker or dealer. No matter where the drug came from, you found it made you feel better. It relieved your physical pain or it muted feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness or worry. It made you feel better…at first.

Now cyclobenzaprine is becoming a problem. You feel bad if you don’t take it, but you feel bad if you do. You’re not sure how to stop taking the drug, and you’d like to know more about drug abuse. You want to know if you need treatment, and if you do, what that treatment is and where you can find it. Good news! You can get help at any time and from a variety of sources. We can help you better understand substance abuse and addiction. We can help you find the right, most effective and professional care.

Understanding Cyclobenzaprine Abuse

Cyclobenzaprine works by interrupting the pain signals the body sends to the brain. At the same time, it also causes a variety of unwanted side effects. Mild side effects include the following:

  • Upset stomach
  • Dry mouth
  • drowsiness
  • Dizziness

More severe side effects include the following:

  • Problems breathing
  • Fevers, seizures and chest pain
  • Swelling of the face or tongue
  • A severe skin rash
  • Irregular heart rate

Cyclobenzaprine should only be taken by prescription from a licensed doctor and as part of a short-term pain management program. However we know this isn’t always how and why the drug is used. The Drug Enforcement Agency explains: “Individuals are taking cyclobenzaprine alone or in combination with other illicit drugs to produce or enhance psychoactive effects…Sedation, relaxation and increased heart rate were the most common effects reported. Euphoria was reported by a smaller number of individuals.”1 Cyclobenzaprine gets used and misused for a variety of reasons. Any time you take the drug without a prescription or for different reasons or in different ways than prescribed, you are abusing it. Drug abuse comes with increased risks of serious complications and addiction. Drug abuse needs professional treatment.

Treating Cyclobenzaprine Abuse

Cyclobenzaprine abuse is rarely a stand-alone issue. You are probably also using other drugs or alcohol. You may be experiencing pain or other physical health concerns. You may struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder or another mental health issue. This is why treatment is about so much more than just stopping the use of this one drug. Integrated treatment programs get to know you as a whole person. They treat you as a whole person.

Ending cyclobenzaprine abuse begins with reaching out to a professional care provider such as your doctor, a mental health professional or the staff here at Michael’s House. We can provide an initial assessment and help you better understand the individualized treatment you need and where you can find it. The key to successful recovery involves learning the root causes and contributors to substance use. It involves managing your physical health with non-addictive substances. It involves participating in established addiction treatment practices such as medically supervised detox, individual counseling, group therapy and aftercare. It involves finding the alternative and supplemental practices that strengthen you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You can end cyclobenzaprine abuse. You can build a healthy, drug-free life. Call today for more information.

1Cyclobenzaprine.” Drug Enforcement Agency. Jan. 2013.