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California Crystal Meth Rehab

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“I did my first line of crystal meth in 1996 when I was 16 years old, and it grabbed me the first second it hit my brain. After the very first use, I was hooked … Meth and other substances are literal monsters. Their magnetic pull on our lives is strong, and we must fight hard and diligently to overcome their influence. The good news is that it is possible to kick them to the curb.” —Jennifer V., Heroes In Recovery

Crystal meth addiction is one of the fastest-growing drug problems in the state of California. California crystal meth rehab centers have become much busier over the past several years, as production and distribution of the drug have spread throughout the Golden State.

What is Crystal Meth?

Crystal meth is a highly addictive form of methamphetamine that creates a powerful euphoric effect when smoked or injected into the bloodstream. Individuals are drawn to crystal meth because of the long-lasting, intense high it provides. The drug is known by several street names including “ice,” “crank,” and “crystal.”

What Happens in California Crystal Meth Rehab?

Crystal meth rehab is the process in which an individual who is addicted to crystal meth overcomes the physical and psychological addiction to the drug, and learns needed skills to live a healthier, drug-free life moving forward. The most common components of crystal meth rehab include:

  • Crystal meth detox. During drug detox, the individual stops taking crystal meth. Then, while under the care of a doctor or addiction professional, the toxins associated with the crystal meth are given a chance to leave the body. Medical supervision is important because of the discomfort experienced during the withdrawal symptoms that accompany detox.
  • Individual counseling. Individual crystal meth counseling gives the individual a chance to meet one-on-one with their counselor to discuss the root causes of their addiction and develop solutions moving forward.
  • Group counseling. Group counseling during crystal meth rehab provides crucial breakthroughs for those who are ready and willing participants in the process. For many people, it is the first chance to talk openly and honestly about their drug addiction in front of others, allowing them to gain strength from other people who are going through a similar set of circumstances. The resulting support structure has been the foundation of many addiction treatment success stories.
  • Aftercare. When rehab is over, there are still many challenges facing the recovering crystal meth addict. Aftercare programs focus on helping the individual cope with the temptations and distractions which often lead to relapse once the program is complete. Common aftercare programs for crystal meth include following up counseling sessions and 12-Step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous.

Where are California Crystal Meth Rehab Programs Located?

Michael's House Men's Center EntranceCurrently, California crystal meth rehab facilities can be found throughout the state. Most drug rehab programs in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Diego, Palm Springs and other prominent locales feature crystal meth treatment as a part of their treatment portfolio. Individuals who are struggling with crystal meth addiction are urged to contact a California drug rehab center in their area to learn if that facility is equipped to handle their specific needs.

Michael’s House is a residential drug rehab facility located in Palm Springs, California. The addiction treatment experts at Michael’s House provide real solutions for individuals who have seen their lives spin out of control as a result of crystal meth addiction.

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